Monday, January 3, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook~January 3, 2011

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So, For Today...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Outside my window... is a bright, snow laden valley, so silent and so beautiful. Not a creature is stirring. Everyone is back to real life today; work, school, routines. I haven't seen another human in a few hours. After all the company of the last few months it seems almost eerie. There are two places I'd rather be right now, but c'est la vie!

I am thinking...I'd really like to get over this nasty cold I have that I think is turning into a sinus infection. I should be helping Jen at the hospital but I want to stay as far away from Hazel as possible so I am staying home and trying to get better. Jim has been over at the hospital and is now shopping for groceries. We were supposed to go home today but have delayed that until we can get a clear diagnosis of what is happening to her right now. The kids are all at school, so it just us around and me.

I am thankful for...all the many blessings we have in spite of the rough spot we are navigating right now. I am thankful for the medical teams, the medications, the beautiful child that the Lord has blessed our family with, with all her infirmities, her great parents and sisters. Although I just feel like crying and whining I am not giving into it because the good so far outnumbers the bad that, I just won't.

From the learning room...things can always be worse. Praise God no matter what, for he does watch over us during times of need. In our faith we can seek His comfort.

I am reading...Nothing, I probably should dive into something to pass some time right now. I'll check their library as everything is still in the suitcases as we try to figure out what is next.

I am things are going at the funeral of our dear friend, Jon that is going on right now at home. Oh how we do love him and will miss him. That is the other place I would rather be right now. LDS funerals are very spiritual and very uplifting and comforting and I must say I need that a lot right now. Sudden unexpected deaths are so hard to deal with.

I am hearing...The Twelfth of Never by Johnny Mathis

Today if I could change one thing...A Do-Over for the beginning of this new year.

I am quoting..."When Life Gets You Down, Look Up!"

I am going... to look forward with a perfect brightness of hope!

I am missing...The Cottage

One of my guilty pleasures...looking at the photos on our kids' computers and iPhones and snagging them off to share with you!

Pet Peeves...Opposition in all things. I understand it, I just don't particularly like it sometimes.

One of my favorite things...hearing from all of you that are such loyal readers and commentors. You have no idea how much it means to me to know I am not just typing into thin air.

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...How Do You Know? Missy and I saw it the night of the horrendous storm here and we enjoyed it.

I am curious about...where we go from here...

A few plans for the rest of the week...pray, watch, and wait and hug little girls feeling insecure about Hazie's health right now. This affects them all so much, they need extra love and attention right now. Gramma and Grampa can at least do that. Taking it one day at at time and I will get well by tomorrow!

Here are a few photos I am sharing with you...

"It says that the earth spins at over 1000 mph.
If you didn't fall off today, quit whining!"

This first one is to be a constant reminder to me right now that things will get better in due time and to buck up. It is the wallpaper on my phone right now.

Click click photo for double cuteness!

This one reminds me that these four alone give me a reason to walk by faith and relying on the Lord and His will and to be of good cheer. And to think there are six more just as precious and dear. No matter what is going on, nothing can diminish joy like that. I love the scripture that says, "Children are an heritage of the Lord, and happy is the man whose quiver is full of them."

Who could argue with that? Who can let life get them down under such favorable circumstances? Please, Lord, let it not be me!


Sister Susie said...

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW...5 ferral cats sleep warm against the concrete building. All kinds of stirrings happen throughout the night. Thank goodness my bedroom is far enough away, I can't hear their "stirrings!"
THINKING...I'm thinking about your sweet Hazel too. I have had her in my daily prayer journal since she became ill.
THANKFUL ones. Jm has really been busy with my computer. What a two weeks it has been! He finally got it all cleaned out of its "bugs." I'm so thankful to be back on line and communicating with my friends and loved ones.
LEARNING ROOM...AMEN! My New Year's resolution to my LORD is to not let myself STRESS about anything! (Especially school.) My chest has felt better already!
WONDERING...What our loved ones (who have passed on) are doing right now!
HEARING...Jerry (my African Grey Parrot) calling out for my attention.
CHANGE 1 THING...To not have let myself get so stressed out last year.
QUOTING..."Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today." Is that ever one of my biggest problems!
I'M join you in looking forward to that blessed HOPE. days off from Christmas Vacation.
GUILTY PLEASURES...Hot chocolate with whipped cream!
PET PEEVES...Passive resistance from those who know better.
FAVORITE THINGS...Answering your "...Woman's Day Journal" and Nellie's "Thankful Thursday."
MOVIE...A Christmas Story.
CURIOUS...of wanting to know more about "Animals in Heaven."
WEEK'S PLANS...Getting ready for my teacher observaton.

Love, prayers,and hugs to you and yours, Susie

crgrover said...

Hi Bonnie,

Just thought I would let you know that Mike and I are faithful blog readers, and we always hope that there is good news about little Hazie. I am so glad that you and Jim are there, as I am sure that Jen and Lowell are about worn to a frazzle with all of the ups and downs little Hazie has had lately. It is such a help to have you there with the other girls, both for them and Lowell and Jen.

I just thought I would let you know that I was at Jon's funeral. It was wonderful and uplifting. I have sort of known who Timme was for quite a while, but I didn't know Jon as well. Our daughter Katie's father-in-law was Jon's cousin. They are the same age, and I guess growing up were more like brothers. It just happened that Dave Spear, Katie's father-in-law was in town this weekend because Katie and Braden (her husband) had their new little baby blessed Sunday. We had gotten to know Jon better because every time Dave came into town, he spent time with the Aikele's. Dave Spear gave the eulogy at the funeral. So I went to the funeral both because Timme is the Relief Society President, and because now we sort of thought of Jon as a "cousin" because of Dave.

It was a beautiful service with lots of stories and laughter, tears, and fond remembrances. He will be greatly missed. Bishop Burr and the entire family wore orchid leis. I didn't know what the Hawaiian connection was until after when I asked Dave Spear about it, and he explained that Jon had half brothers and sisters that are Hawaiian and I guess spent some of his growing up years in Hawaii. His one half brother who is Hawaiian spoke, and all of the talks were great.

At the end, everyone stood and sang Aloha O'e (sp?) which is a Hawaiian tradition. Then everyone in unison said Aloha. It was very touching, and a great tribute. Bishop Burr made the statement, which Mike had heard just yesterday on BYU TV that no righteous man is taken before his time. He said that we are bound by the laws of time, but God is not, and Jon's need much have been greater on the other side. Since we are human and constrained by the limits of time, we will have to be comforted in knowing that God knows what is best.

Anyway, we are thinking of you and praying for little Hazie.



rwmjs said...

Dear Bonnie--Thanks so much for the info you post on your blog. It gives me a chance to feel a little of what is happening. We are so very concerned but pray to and trust in the Lords goodness and help for sweet Hazel. Hope you are soon feeling better as well.

Marie said...

I am keeping Hazie in my prayers as always Bonnie. So sorry that this little sweetheart has so many health problems. Love the picture of your grand daughters. Sorry too, that you were unable to get home to your friend's funeral. (((hugs))) I am impressed Jim is grocery shopping! Todd hates grocery shopping and the few times I send him to pick up something, he always inevitably comes home with the wrong thing!! Love you loads, and keep us updated on little Hazie! Thanks! xxoo

Caroline Craven said...

Faye called me yesterday to fill me in on Jon's memorial service. It was pretty much what crgrover said. I just cried when Faye told me they all stood and sang "Aloha O'e". Faye also told me it was a funny, but uplifting service, something Jon would have loved. I guess Addie flew to Utah last night after the service and leaves for Jerusalem today. It will be good for her to be busy and somewhat distracted by this study abroad. Like you, I would rather have been in Concord yesterday and not here in Utah. I understand the schedule, just wish we could have made it.

So sad to hear about Hazie. That little angel has had a rough couple of months. What a blessing to Jen and Lowell that you and Jim are able to stay and help out a bit longer. Try and think of that suitcase as a blessing in disguise! Our prayers are with all of you as well as the Aikele's.

Nancy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Hazel. Things do change so quickly. Let me know if you do indeed need something to read to pass the more quiet hours. I have some good ones I could pass along.