Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Discoveries~ Outta My Rut

Because what is a post worth without at
least one beautiful picture, right?

Today I wanted to do a little post on some great products I have discovered in the past year. I think every one of them was recommended to me by someone as I am one of those people who goes down the aisle grabbing the same things on a routine basis. I have often thought I'd love to trail various people around the store and just discover what they love and try it too. I have done this a few time with friends and it is fun to exchange ideas and get out of our ruts. So in that vein here are a few things we have tried and loved this past year.

The Kindle
I have only had this a few days and really love everything about it. It is inexpensive, light, and very portable. Much to my surprise I learned recently that our son, Chris worked on an advisory team with Amazon when the kindle was being developed. It really is cool.

I have to admit as much as I love technology and electronics I really fought this one. Just didn't think I needed it at all. And I felt like so many people with them have rude electronic manners but...When my old phone was dying I heard that I was eligible for an upgrade and could get an iPhone at half price, so I went for it. I absolutely love it for so many reasons. It is easy to use (it's an Apple after all!), it's full of surprises as to what it can actually do and it really is a Smart Phone!! Best of all I have learned to be quite proficient at texting. Yay! Jim, Jen and Chris are just a key stroke away. I cannot wait until Laura gets one too.

We discovered Cabot Cheese, in a big way, when we went to Vermont in the fall. Our Sam's Club carries the reduced fat one, but to get the real thing we bring some back from Utah. Their Sam's has this extra sharp cheddar that is absolutely wonderful. Check your Sam's they may have it too. I think the reduced fat, sharp white cheddar is great too, but Jim prefers the regular so we alternate. The best part is that Sam's gets a great price in bulk apparently, as it is much less expensive in Utah than in Vermont. CA is higher than Utah but we all knew that, right? But it is still less than buying online and having it shipped from Vermont.

I don't know who Mrs. Myers is but
I think she looks like this!

I read about this product on Melissa Michael's blog, The Inspired Room and have borrowed her photo below. This product is all things wonderful for cleaning your home. So far I have only tried one, the counter top cleaner and I am i n l o v e . It smells divine and puts a shine on the counter top that is beyond wonderful. Get it at Walmart (!) for a very reasonable price. Cheap, organic, wonderful...what's not to love?

Sprayway Glass Cleaner

Another cleaning product I have found from the framer of of the art work we got in Italy, is this Sprayway Glass Cleaner. It is great for the glass on your pictures. You can get it at Target and also in bulk at Sam's. It has no ammonia so no streaks on your mirrors either. It is a foam and makes your bathroom smell so fresh and clean. I use it on the chrome fixtures as well. It is very nice.

Add a little glam to your life with this great mascara from Loreal. It is called double extend beauty tubes and it really does make a difference in the thickness and length of your lashes. Try it! It can tend to be a little dry but just run your brush under the faucet quickly and rehydrate it a little.

It takes a minute longer as your apply the white
and then the dark color. This is a fun one.
It washes off easily as well.

If you live near Trader Joe's you must try this.
Oh my heck, it is so delicious and so healthy!
My Italian husband wants this on everything.

If you should try any of these or already have, please throw your two cents worth into the comment section. That's it for today you lovely shoppers, one and all! Keep on shopping (wisely) and boost this economy out of its sink hole! You like that logic I am assuming, right?


Julie Harward said...

Thanks for all the tips, it helps to hear from someone who has tried a product. I am going to pick up a couple of these tomorrow! :D

Sister Susie said...

I am such a person of consistancy that it becomes inconsistant when I don't want to change! I guess the reason I never got into texting is I don't really have that much to say on a phone, you have to short cut spelling in order to get said what you want to say, lol!

I'm a cheese lover too. I have it just about everyday in some form or other with cooking.

Mrs. Myers is Mrs. Butterworth's sister. One was in cleaning, the other in cooking (if you get my jest, ha!)

I use to use make-up a few years ago. I haven't recently. Maybe that's why the ER nurse asked Nellie if she were my daughter! (I'm a month older than her.) Whoa, most people wouldn't want to go there after that statement, ha!

Thank you for sharing the new items.
Love, Susie

LA Adams said...

Love the flowers!! This is a really fun idea. I've been thinking about the kindle for a while and I'm almost over the edge.
I cracked up when I read your "I am missing....my thinner self.....fond memories..." anyway this is my year- no resolutions, just a determination to look different next January when my son comes back from his mission.

Marie said...

You are making me wish I lived in America now so I can get some of these things. I have been thinking about getting a kindle and an iphone. I just need to save up some pesos first! I use L'Oreal mascara all the time. It is worth the extra money IMO. Love you loads Bonnie. Hugs from afar! xxoo

laura.elizabeth said...

I haven't tried ANY but look forward to trying them ALL! Love you!

Caroline Craven said...

I love your picks. I was esepcially excited by the organic cleaner because even though I've switched most of my cleaning supplies to vinegar and water, which works great, by the way, I haven't found anything to replace Scrubbing Bubbles, so looking forward to trying that. Sadly, I don't even live remotely close to a Trader Joe's. I love sun dried tomatoes on anything and everything. It looks yummy. One thing you have to try - Greek God's Yogurt. I love the plain one with the full fat. Think of it as a dessert w/o the sugar. It is to die for. My favorite ways to eat it are with a bit of honey and cinnamon or with my canned peaches. It is at least as fattening as ice cream, but worth the caloric splurge!!!