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A Simple Woman's Daybook~January 24, 2011

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So, For Today...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Outside my window...The sun is directly overhead and it is a beautiful, refreshing spring day here. It is 53 degrees right now but heading quickly to 66, the expected high. I have shirt sleeves on and my front door open and I am happy! No rain in sight for at least this week! Wouldn't it be nice if the rain came like manna, just over night?

I am thankful for...returning feelings of more balance and control in my life. Slowly getting everything back in order and everything is feeling more right with the world. Well not, THE WORLD, I should say our world.

From the learning room...I am a person who thrives on planning, order, and knowing what is on deck for the week, month, year. It doesn't mean I cannot be spontaneous and flexible but I like a basic outline at the very least. When things get out of whack it takes so much more effort to get everyday life done. When I do not feel on top of my game everything suffers. And that is motivation enough for me to keep working hard to stay on the path. My biggest blessing there is that my sweetheart is exactly the same. Whew!

I am reading...Maybe the book of the year for me! I am so excited about this book. If you are a devoted Christian looking for an abundant, joyful life, I highly recommend it. It is brilliant and very well written. It is called One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and I am including a link so you can check it out. I haven't finished it yet but have been dragging my Kindle everywhere and snatching little tidbits as I go. The book is on sale for $10.00 and has been for awhile. Today is the last day of the sale.

There is going to be an ongoing, online review of the book, chapter by chapter with the author in a couple of weeks. I am there! I am also still reading The Glass Castle. Very interesting read.

From the kitchen...I have already been to the dentist this morning and shopping for delicious, nutritious foods. I am in the process of learning the new Weight Watcher Points Plus program and implementing it so I have been busy, calculating points plus and cleaning out the frig. But I just had to stop and do this post right smack dab in the middle of all that because I was missing you!

I am we can be so blessed to have a Father in Heaven that allows us so many do-overs? And why we sometimes forget that everything is so much easier with His help.

I am hearing...Sleep Walk. Oh my that is an oldie moldy song. Most of you have probably never heard of it. Steel guitar..nice.

Today if I could change one thing...What happened in the Moscow airport this morning? Really. What are we going to do?

I am favorite weight loss quotation, "If you don't change something, nothing will change." Profoundly simple, isn't it?

I am try to squeeze a lot more into today than looks reasonable at this point. But I will give it a go. Sometimes we can surprise ourselves if we set our hopes and goals high.

I am missing...Other than kids and grandkids, absolutely nothing. I fell very happy and contented and thankful.

One of my guilty pleasures...I love Trader's Joe creamy, organic tomato soup. I am so happy it is a good choice on the WW program.

Pet Peeves...waking up to the smell of a skunk that sprayed nearby. Ugh! It happened this morning but now it is gone or I am just use to it? It is skunk season in our neighborhood.

One of my favorite cavities or problems at the dentist this morning! Yay!

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...Australia, (Hugh Jackman, Marie!)

I am wearing.....My dark blue jeans and a new yellow shirt. Blue and yellow bracelet and warm socks and shoes.

I am curious about....How Jen and Lowell and the girls are enjoying their new doggie, Molly. They rescued a three year-old mini-schnauzer on Saturday night. She was from a loving family with five children that ran into financially hard times and could not keep her. She was needing some serious grooming but is all fixed up now and so loved by four little girls.

A few plans for the rest of the week..maintenance week for my car, teeth, nails and health. Weight Watcher Meeting from my super duper good friend, Lanette, who just happens to be the top leader in the region...not just our town. She has been so patient with my dilly dallying around but here I go today! Yay, me! Tomorrow we are working at the Regional Family History Center in Oakland for our first full shift of volunteering for 8 hours. We go in at 2:00. So come on by if you need some help tracing your genealogy. We are very excited about this calling and all the challenges of learning so we can teach others. Tracing your family history is so much fun and did you know it is among the top five hobbies in the country? I think it is #2. Wednesday or Friday day trip coming up! And Sunday wishing our beautiful Laura a happy 33rd birthday. (Glad I joined WW as I certainly cannot blame this on baby fat anymore!) She has brought nothing but happiness into our lives.

Here are two photos and some thoughts I am sharing with you...

This is Molly!
The new dog at Piper, Julia, Chloe and Hazie's house.
Isn't she adorable?

She hadn't been groomed in a very long time. So when Jen rescued her which meant a trip to the groomer and they had to shave most of her. She is looking very different but she is going to be gorgeous again in a couple of months. All she needed was a little TLC and lots of love.

She has a little jacket to keep her warm while she grows her hair back. Hair, not fur on schnauzers, right Susan? There is just something I love about this little dog already. I love that our Jen is a rescuer. She had rescued old people, little Chloe, their new pup, she is just like that. I adore the woman she has become, she is a great example of a compassionate, caring person!

When I saw these two photos I couldn't help thinking about the way Molly looked earlier, is how I was feelings...just a bit overwhelmed with the "excess." But now I feel like I am on the right track and will soon be shaving some weight for a completely new look. I know you love me just the way I am (LOL) but I just want to be more healthy! If I happen to look better in the process, I'll take it, but it is not my motivation. It is one hundred percent health, better mobility and peace of mind!


Marie said...

What a little cutie pie that Chloe is! She looks much happier all groomed, and what a stylish coat! I need to get myself motivated and back onto eating properly. I've stalled it long enough. Enough with the excuses! Glad little Hazie is feeling better too. I keep her in my prayers always. Love you daybook as always Bonnie. It's like a nice little visit with a much loved friend. xxoo

Sister Susie said...

OUTSIDE...a nice evening. Last night we had thunderstorms with over 1,000 lightning strikes in several counties as well as tornadoes that didn't quite touch down, but still caused damage in many areas.
THANKFUL...none of the bad weather struck "home!"
LEARNING...I have been taking some worshops on ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Coping is not just the child's difficulty, but many others as well until its realization is brought to the forefront in assisting the needs of all involved.
READING...Did I mention this already? "Reflections on the Nature of GOD."
KITCHEN...I've got to get to the kitchen and EAT! Here I go again.
WONDERING...Why fear is so much more easily accepted than faith that overcomes it!
HEARING...The winner of Wheel of Fortune, $30,000.00 Wow!
CHANGE...that sin would have never entered humanity; but then would we still have needed our Savior! Would we still have been made a "little lower than the angels?" (This should have been listed under WONDERING!)
GOING...Crazy with the bills coming in already from my hospital "visit!"
MISSING...feeding the ferrel cats! I felt so bad for them which started out to be 3...I stopped to discourage then from coming anymore! It breaks my heart!
PLEASURE...occasionally going to bed EARLY to "catch up on my rest!"
PET do my year's lesson plans over the summer so I don't have to weekly.
FAVORITE...Almond flavored Ensure, ha!
MOVIE...(haven't watched one lately.) nightgown, lol! (It's near bedtime.)
CURIOUS...why everything seems to be in fast forward mode! I can't believe how fast these days are going!
REST OF WEEK...Testing/assessing, mid-term reports, my observation for the year by the principal, ugh! beautiful! I know what you mean about the hair. Gracie just recently got cut all the way down due to a big wart on her back that she kicked off and caused a matting with her hair in that spot! She's been on anti-biotics and it's almost healed. I can see Molly's sweetness in her eyes. I know she has found her "heaven on earth!" Give her a hug for me!
Love to you all,

Faye said...

I read your post and then uploaded One Thousand Gifts on to my Kindle. She is an incredible writer. Thanks for the book suggestion. I can't wait to read more.

Caroline Craven said...

I think we need to start an on-line book club because I can't manage to start a physical one at my home. I think about it all the time, but just never get it done. While I was on the website for One Thousand Gifts, I saw the book "Made to Crave" and I laughed thinking, "I need this book" for the obvious reason, plus the name. Isn't it funny that I thought I needed a book about craving things! A high of 66 - are you kidding me! It was 32 with the sun shining on Sunday and I thought summer was here! Jen's new dog is cute. Growing up on a farm, I had enough of animals. I always maintained that I wasn't an animal lover, but we now have two dogs and Jen's is adorable. I think I am at least a small dog lover!