Monday, January 31, 2011

Along The Path

Blue Bonnets of Texas

I just love this picture taken by my friend, Deanna. It just reminds me of life's journey.

To me it just symbolizes how the road is long and the end is out of sight. It has its bumps and curves and heights to scale. There are places we would like to pass but it is forbidden.

At any point along the way, the place where we are on the road is the biggest and most visible while the road behind and ahead are less distinguishable. This is a blessing if we don't dwell on the bumps we have endured or worry excessively about the ones coming up. Staying in the present, with God's help, we can handle them.

As we go along if we look around and beyond the confines of the road we can see immeasurable beauty surrounds us even at the curves, bumps, hills and things that cannot be passed around, but must be gone through to stay the course to the horizon and beyond.

I like this picture so much I wouldn't mind having it painted and hanging on our wall. It would remind me that life is a journey~not a destination.

Blog Flashback for May 2010


Julie Harward said...

It sure is! And just when I thin I know the road well, a big old curve hits me right in the face! LOL

Sister Susie said...

I surely wish life's journey was as
pretty as the side view on the road in her picture!
Love to you and yours,

laura.elizabeth said...

Awesome picture- inspiring thoughts! Thanks Mom! I love you!

Caroline Craven said...

Between this picture and the one of your cyclamens, I am feeling hope that in the not-too-distant future we will be enjoying spring too! Today the high was 12 degrees with a wicked arctic blast that makes it feel like -12, at least. Enjoy some spring for me:)

Marie said...

Oh Bonnie, you have jogged my memory and my offer to paint this for you. I forgot! Can you ever forgive me? I am so sorry! Spring is just around the corner. If you say that three times, turning and clicking your heels at the same time . . . oh . . . only a fairytale eh. Oh well, we can but hope! xxoo

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bonnie,
Love that picture. I have seen quite a few pictures of the blue bonnets of Texas cause my aunt used to live there. In fact, I had 4 small ones hanging on my walls for quite a # of years. Some of them included a flower called Indian Paintbrush as well.
You are so right life is a journey,
and I believe it is to be enjoyed,
not endured. I think we need to drink in one day at a time and savor it because when we live like it is a destination we are never satisfied, cause we miss so much of the great nature of life.
Hope you have a Great day enjoying your journey,
Love ya, Nellie