Monday, January 10, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook~January 10, 2011

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So, For Today...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Outside my window... the sun is barely up and cannot penetrate the thick layer of fog hanging overhead. Ironically, it is a parallel to the way I am feeling. It is as though I feel weighted down, unable to kick start this new year of enthusiasm, energy, evolution into the new me.

I am thinking...that the reason I am stuck is partially exhaustion, partially sadness over the death of a dear friend, a friend who had a miscarriage, frustration over unmet goals from last year, and a desire to just curl up, under my blankets to stay warm. It has been a rough couple of months. But perhaps the dawn is breaking, the clouds are parting, a new beginning is on the threshold of this week. That is the hope anyway.

I am thankful for...Hazie getting better, day by day. Bless her little heart she is such a trooper, such an inspiration, such a valiant spirit.

From the learning room...rolling with the punches is nothing new. Adversity comes and always will. It is not if, but when. It is not to be avoided but to be prepared for. Putting on the whole armor of God is the way to that protection and preparation.

I am reading...scriptures as always, Internet articles and very soon my new Kindle. Any recommendations of E-books would be appreciated. They sold out before Jim could get me one for Christmas but we are picking one up tonight! I am excited. I do love to read.

From the kitchen....
We have lasagna, a chicken dish, and soup in the freezer so I think it is covered for the week. I just need to get to the store and buy produce for the week.

I am wondering...if I need to take a vitamin D supplement...I need the sun!

I am hearing...Ricky Nelson, Travelin' Man! Thanks to my friend. Spencie, at Bellamere Cottage. I love her music so much I open her blog on another browser and listen to her playlist quite often.

Today if I could change one thing...oh there are several things, Hazie's fragile health, the suffering of my friends and loved ones, the senseless killings of the people in Arizona.....

I am quoting...The early bird gets the worm." We waited too long to get tickets to the Post Impressionist Painters' Art Exhibit at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. Oh well, I guess we will have to go to the D'Orsay in Paris to see them. I am dreaming.. it won't be anytime soon. The suitcase is going into indefinite storage for now.

I am going...get the Christmas stuff put to bed for the year one day this week. I am hoping that with Jim's help we can be done in a day.

I am missing...Spring, summer, fall.

One of my guilty pleasures...movies, it is a big one.

Pet Peeves...that it's time to think about taxes again already. What?

One of my favorite things...that our nephew, Nick, just got engaged to an awesome lady. We love Mara and cannot wait for her to be our new niece officially.

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...a BBC series called Lark Rise to Candleford. Just a delightful Netflix experience to be viewed. I just love BBC productions.

I am curious about...the hoops you have to jump through to get rebates. You practically have to send your fingerprints and first born to get them. I guess that is the point, they don't really want to give them to you in the first place.

A few plans for the rest of the week..trying to figure out what is going on with my computer since we came home, over 10,000 photos where missing from my iPhotos but our genius, SIL, Lowell, has restored it all remotely. Now my iTunes is acting up. Putting Christmas away, working on the budget, catching up on blogging and hoping "the writer's block" I have been experiencing will flee. Day trip with Jim to some relaxing place, going to Oakland to start our new calling on Temple Hill, Family History seminar on Saturday. There is a baby shower, and a meeting with the new Sec't of RS and visiting teaching..maybe. I have high hopes for the week. We will see...!

Here are two photos and some thoughts I am sharing with you...
I had the opportunity to go through Jen's photos and capture some to bring home. Remember the photo shoot for her girls in the summer? There were so many amazing photos from that day. Here are two I wanted to show you of our beautiful Julia.

Julia is not only a true beauty but she is so relaxed in front of a camera. She is one person that is totally comfortable in her own skin. (Who could blame her?) The interesting thing about her is that she is so modest and humble and unassuming about her physical beauty and she is only made more beautiful by her sparkling personality and her zest for life. We just adore this little girl and enjoy watching her grow up into a lovely, righteous young woman.

I love that the photographer did not airbrush
out the little girl bruises on her leg.

Our little Jewel!


Julie Harward said...

Julia is a lovely young lady for sure! I am so glad to hear about Hazie, I was thinking about her yesterday! We have been spending time with a close cousin whos wife just passed away from cancer. It is such a hard thing for all to go through! You have a great week :D

Caroline Craven said...

Jen's girls are so pretty, and photogenic. So happy to hear that Hazie is improving day by day. I'm glad to see 2010 go. It was a hard year and got more difficult as it drew to an end. However, I recently read this quote from Mother Teresa that I am trying to remember during really hard difficult moments: "Let nothing perturb you, nothing frighten you. All things pass. God does not change. Patience achieves everything." I am counting on this for my peace of mind and survival. I hope you have a good week with nothing but good news!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Miss Bon Bon,
Nice daybook entry. So glad to hear Hazie is still home and seems to be getting a bit better, we will continue to pray.
What lovely pics of Julie, she is such a lil cutie, and sounds like she has a precious personality. Looks like it too!!
Hang in there sweetie, It's like a joke I heard.......someone asked this man what is favorite verse was, and he said "and it came to pass", thank God it didn't come to stay!! I have always love that, but sometimes those emotions just take a toll on us, and even tho we know all the right things they just seem to grab us!! It will pass, praying for you too!
I need to finish my +mas stuff too.
Just haven't wanted to yet, but am starting to get the bug!!
Take care, Love ya, Nellie

Sister Susie said...

OUTSIDE...The wind is blowing rain in sheets! I'm glad it waited until I got home.
THINKING...About the glorious reunion we will have with our beloved family and friends who have passed on. GOD Himself will wipe away our tears and we will see, hear, and understand what now, "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered the heart of man what GOD has for us."
THANKFUL...For such a sweet little testimony as Hazie. If we as adults could only have the faith of this child.
LEARNING...How tired it can be to deal with adversity. Only GOD's Armer can protect us from Satan's darts. Only faith in our GOD's Mercy will uplift us time and again. Our Holy GOD Loves us so much and even more so when we depend on Him 100%.
READING... "Miracles" by Karen Kingsbury.
KITCHEN...I have prepared my 5 "meals" a day to keep food in my stomach. In doing so, I have felt better today than I have in a long time.
WONDERING...If I'll gain weight! I hope not! The meals are healthy.
HEARING...About Congresswoman Gabby's "Miracle." My prayers are being lifted daily.
CHANGE...That Adam and Eve had made the right choice!
QUOTING...He who hesitates, regrets.
GOING...To exercise no matter what!
MISSING...Warmer Florida winter weather!
PLEASURE...Getting more into blogging and Facebook.
PET PEEVES...I usually have my taxes done by mid February. They say not to have it done until the end of March due to the Tax Cut Reinstatement.
FAVORITE...Xena who won't leave my side or laying on my feet or putting her massive head on my shoulder when I'm sitting in my chair. (She's my "new" 90 pound Bullmastiff.)
CURIOUS...About different hoops when you try to get refunds from one store when you find another store's price was 1/2 what you paid!
PLANS...To catch up on missed work the kids didn't do when I was out 3days last week!
Love and hugs to you and Hazie,

LA Adams said...

Hi Bonnie! I went out in that awful fog this morning and found the car encased in ice! I scrapped it off with a kitchen spatula so I could pick up Michael from Seminary and when I got back I noticed the Calla lilies (which are just beginning to bloom) were bowed down to the ground and I was sad (not to mention cold and frustrated).
Then I came back from shopping with Laura and the sun was up - no frost anywhere!- and those Calla lilies had picked themselves straight up.
I'll bet you'll be noticing the buds coming out and taking pictures of the new Spring in just a bit!

Sister Susie said...

Hi Bonnie,
I tried to find you on Facebook too! Your name has 12 listings to my six! The picture of me is the same on Facebook as it is here on your blog. I'll try again!
Susan Todd

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh Sweet Bon....

First of all.... I'm so happy to hear that precious little one, Hazie, is recovering. She is such a bright light, isn't she? I just want to give her a big, squishy huggie...

And, I'm so sorry that you've been "out of whack"... Do you think that it could be partially to do with the end of the Christmas season? I always feel a bit "off" after the hustle and bustle. No time to rest and busy every moment. Then....'s all over except the mess.

I'm so happy you're back. I've missed you and thought of you a million times.

You sure have beeee.u.ti.fulllllllllll grandbabies! You lucky chickie! My darling daughter had a hysterectomy a few months ago so I'll always only have one....treasure that he is...AND... Julia is one of my very favorite names. I love it every way... Julie, Julia, Juliette... See, I should have had a granddaughter too!

You probably DO need some vitamin D.... Do you know most women had a shortfall? I take a ton of it. No sunshine here in the NW, you know. :-)

I'm glad you're enjoying my music. I have a couple of songs that quit playing mid-stream that I need to remove... I just can never remember which ones they are.

And, thank you for the compliment on my new "look"... I nearly fried my pea-pickin' brain trying to figure that all out.

Big huggies to you dear one...and continued prayers for you sweet, little Hazie.