Friday, September 4, 2009

Always in My Spotlight!

Piper helps Hazie get dressed!

When you have a house with two big sisters and two tiny sisters I am sure it must seem like the little girls get all the attention. If I were nine, like Julia or ten, like Piper, I might have a hard time understanding why so many more blog posts are about the little ones, the funny things they say and do, all the changes in their lives, etc. It may not always be easy having a baby sister with special needs, but you would never know it to watch these bigger girls. They truly are amazing!

I just want these big, beautiful granddaughters to know how much they are loved and appreciated for all they do to help their Mom and Dad every day. And also how much they are loved just because of the wonderful people they are. We admire you and look up to you for the strength you have had to develop when you have felt sad when Hazie was sick or in the hospital. Those sad times have taught you to be more beautiful inside and compassionate towards others.

Julia helping Chloe @ the park.

It is not easy being the oldest, I know! A lot is expected of you and there is always pressure to be the best example for the younger kids. I want all of our oldest grandkids to know how proud we are of them for leading the way and for helping your parents with many of their burdens. Whatever you do for them not only makes them happy but us too! You are appreciated and loved every minute of the day. I just can't say enough about the love in their little family.

Even Chloe helps a lot.
Our little Miss Hazel will never lack for
the love and attention...that is for sure!

Good for you, Jen and Lowell.......
you are doing plenty that is spot on right! Woohoo!
A lot of that is made possible by the
willing helping hands of
Piper, Julia and even Chloe!


Marie said...

Wonderful post Bonnie. I was the oldest and I always had lots to do at home, especially when my mom decided to go to work. I know my mom appreciated it and I expect it helped me to become more mature and responsible! Have a wonderful Saturday. Hope you are safe from the fires where you are!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bonnie,
That was so nice you wrote about your older grandchildren and how they help out, they probably do need that, it is so easy to get wrapped up in the lil ones cause of all the quick changes all the time. You are a great Grammy!!

I was just doing some editing on my
story, I went back and put Part I
and 2 on the first two, and added
that it was the flood story, to make it easy if I went looking for it later or wanted to direct someone to it.
Anyway, reread your comments from
the first story and it is uncanny
how many life experiences we have
had that are the same. Amazing!
Well, you know now what your step down family room would have looked like if you had carpeting in there.
So glad it didn't make it all the way in there.
You are so right every cloud does
have a silver lining, we couldn't agree more!
Yes, you do learn from these experiences, we almost always turn our toilets off now when we
leave, and I don't like to go off
and leave the dishwasher running either. Our washer is in the garage, but it could still be a mess, in fact, while we had all
the stuff from the flood out there,
ours began to leak a little, but with everything else, we just put
a towel there, then our garage door broke and it was solid wood,
so we couldn't open it, then our
washer really started leaking and
was resoaking all the stuff that was already in there. and we couldn't get a new washer because the woods were so close on our house that they couldn't come in the side door! At one point it was getting so ridiculous
I told Jimmy we might as well laugh
about it and maybe the enemy will think these people are too stupid to know I am picking on them!! lol
Well, have a great Saturday.
Love ya, Nellie