Thursday, September 17, 2009

My ♥ Song

When you are a Gramma sometimes you just have to share. I am loving this with all my heart. Thanks, Missy, for sharing it!

His Mommy said,

"Although we haven't heard Zach singing often in the past, times are changing. He now has songs that he practices for Kindergarten and we've had the chance to hear his sweet voice more often. Love it!"


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bonnie,
How Precious is that! He is adorable. Thanks for sharing it,
brought a tear to my eye, lil ones
are so innocent and sweet!
Your yesterday post was really neat too, just didn't have time to
comment cause I was gone most of the day, or on the phone or had someone here and then was trying to finish my blog post! You have
such a sincere, sweet and grateful heart, I love that about you!!
Yes, you should do a post soon about decorating, after all, that is something you do very well!!
Did you ever try making any of the plate designs like I did for my kitchen. If you do make sure you
take pics so I can see. They are really easy and fun.
Well, better get busy.
Have a great day hon,
Blessings & love, Nellie

Connie said...

That is just the sweetest thing, Bon! As a Grandma, I can imagine how that just went straight into your adorable!!!! I give him extra performance points for laying on his back-- not the easiest thing to do! :) :) :)

Caroline Craven said...

That was soooo cute, not to mention that he was on key! Just too sweet. He reminds me of Chris - can definitely see the family resemblance.

Tori said...

Ahhh! That was too precious! What sweet moments.

BECKY said...

I am smiling from ear to ear!! What a cutie, Bon!! What a delight for you!! I bet you are just the best Grammy, too!

Hope you have a joyful Friday!!
Love and hugs to you!!