Thursday, September 3, 2009

What Color Is Your World Today?

Some days look like this...

Other just look like this.....

What contributes to the difference? For me I think it is the futility of certain things, discouragement and a lack of vision to recognize where the color actually is. It comes when I am depending too much on the arm of flesh. It comes when I am so busy looking within and around myself and forget to look up! It comes when I feel impatient and unforgiving and when I expect too much. It comes when I feel I am battling the black and white alone. It comes when I forget to remember.

What do you do to put some color back into your world? What does it take to paint your world in vibrant beautiful colors again? What are the brush strokes that bring the sun out? Where is the red that brings out your passion, the yellow that brings out your courage, the green~your zest for life and blue, your sense of peace and hope? What is the wind beneath your wings that disapates the clouds of gray and helps you see things as they really are?

For me it is when I do remember and also when I try to forget. For me it is a complete palate of vibrant colors that I need to actually seek and find and reclaim through faith, hope and charity. It is giving myself permission to get it back through repentance, forgiveness and gratitude. It is remembering that the Savior holds out His hand to me and forgetting about the things that make me sad. It is about moving on, moving up and moving mountains. A little here, a little there until the perfect day.

It is feeling the love from its source
and being satisfied!

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Connie said...

You know what, Bon? I am amazed every single time I read your profound insights and the beautiful way you have of sharing them.... I feel so blessed to be your friend! I love you!

BECKY said...

Hi Bon'! I just popped onto my blog, saw this lovely picture of Italy, and of course couldn't resist coming and taking a peek! I have no time to blog, but I love how you wrote this. Every good and perfect thing is from above, and you help color my days with beauty! Thank you Lord, for the gift of Bonnie's friendship, and her heart for you!
Please bless her and all she puts her hand to in your Name. In Jesus' Name, amen.

We have a tough extended family situation to deal with. Please pray for wisdom for us.

Love ya gal!

Laura said...

Love this post Bonnie. Thank you. My world has been BRIGHTENED lately by a renewed effort to read my scriptures daily, hence, inviting the Spirit to be with me, guide me, and grant me peace. The Lord is the master painter and will create masterpieces of us all if we let Him.

Nancy said...

I love this post! Thanks for helping me think today!

Shelli said...

I wish I were near enough to you, Bon, to sit in your darling house and have a "just wondering" session with you. You're such a ... collected woman.

pk said...

Awesome insight and I LOVE that first photo. That's the color I want my world to be every day. :-) Have a wonderful weekend!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
Just got your note you left about
going to see your friends tomorrow.
I think that is a good idea if she is in that bad of shape. I am sure
the Lord is prompting that, after all He healed on the sabbath, so he knows when something is a need and when it's not!!
Loved your post on what color is your day?? So very true!!
Every word you said. Oh, Lord helps us keep short accts with you
all the time, so that we will be
so full of your spirit that it pours over on to everyone we meet!
I know that is your heart as well.
Hope you have a precious time with your friends, and you and hubby have a sweet and special time as you drive for 4 hrs.
Love ya girl, Nellie