Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Geraniums in Cement

I saw this fun photo on this new blog I am really enjoying about the city of Edinburgh. Margaret said that this photo has apparently been floating around the Internet but I had not seen and just love it. I am not sure where this photo was taken.

I and adore this picture!

This just says so much to me about women and how we love flowers and how we create good environments to lift our spirits even when surround by cement. I just love these little old ladies amidst their beloved geraniums, whomever they are. It makes me long for Europe and the simple pleasures of life. It speaks volumes about finding joy in just simply being a woman. We all love beauty and the joy of friends gathering together to chat about the day. Although you cannot enlarge it I bet that if we could do a close-up examination of the photo...they are wearing 'sensible shoes.' Don't you think? European women are so amazing! They seem to know how to just BE! I find it pretty refreshing actually!

We have a particular love for Edinburgh because our daughter was a missionary there, and then returned to live there with her husband, Lowell, and also become a mother. Little Piper was born in Scotland so we have made a few trips to Edinburgh. We would love to serve a mission there someday if we could choose. You should check out Margaret's view of of Edinburgh @ the link posted above. It is great! What a beautiful and exciting city!


margaret said...

Thank you, Bonnie!

And, yes, the ladies are all wearing comfy shoes. No-one there is suffering for fashion :)