Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Glimpse of Your Light

People often talk about their purpose in life. What is it exactly we were sent here to do? We read in the scriptures that each has been given a talent and many wonder what theirs is. Sometimes talents are obvious but most of the time they need to be sought after and developed. I think most people have far more than one talent, don't you?

One thing that seems apparent to me is that talents are given to us to bless others. Even though we can get a lot of personal satisfaction in developing our talents, it doesn't seem to be the main purpose for them. Sometimes I think about the talents that I might have not developed. The ones that lie quietly hidden in the background waiting for me to discover them. Do you? Sometimes I get a glimpse of them but they are fleeting if I don't act on them.

One thing I think I could do is paint. I cannot draw a stick figure but I think I could learn to paint pictures anyway...and I am not talking about modern art! I have an intuition about space and scale and the mathematical principles of design, and I color. The feeling that I have about this is different than wanting to play the violin but knowing I don't have the musical or mathematical talent for that. Do you get these feelings about different things as well? I am not driven to do either one necessarily, I just think I could do some paintings. I wonder if when I ignore those thoughts and promptings there will be regrets later for not following them?

When we think about talents we often think of the things like I have just mentioned! The arts, performing, the gift of song...whatever. But what of the more character-based talents? The ability to make someone laugh, to work hard, to share, to love openly? What of the talents involved in selfless service and genuine concern for our fellowman? The reservoir of all that we are and have become is just sitting there waiting for us to pick up each piece and use it to bless the lives of those around us. To me this is one of the secrets to being truly happy.

To develop our talents is God's way for us to be a light, to help people and to find joy in this mortal life and to give back to Him. It is a win/win for everyone. He doesn't want us to hold it back and rejoice in how great we are...He wants us to be humble and to give it all away. In other words, He wants us to be just like Him! We are to lift up the hands that hang down, light the way for our brothers and sisters in areas where we have learned how we can help them and essentially give all that we have in our pursuit of making this world a better place.

There is not a one of you reading this that has not done this for me and I thank you for it from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for your light, it is brighter than the noon day sun. You come from all over the world and you hold it in the palm your hands!

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LA Adams said...

Ahh Bonnie this is great! I love thinking what kind of talents I have yet to learn. I for one would be thrilled to hang your paintings on my wall. You'd have to prepare the wall first though.

CA Poppy said...

Do pursue your painting! Thanks for lifting my hands that have hung low.

Marie said...

I think there is a song inside each person that we are meant to sing. Sing your song Bonnie! Sing your song!