Friday, July 2, 2010

Another Year, Another Birthday!

To me! LOL!

On July 2nd we woke up in Mariposa, a quaint little town near Yosemite. We have great friends that live there so we have been here lots of times and always had fun. We pulled in around dusk on the 1st. Jim loves this little diner they have here called Happy Burger so that motivated him to get down the mountain and over to Mariposa before closing time.

Happy Burger's Happy Petunias!

Chris looking pretty worn out after
the climb but he is posing here!
Jim was on his feet at the window.

It is kind of a dive but the food is really good. Jim loves it because it is a mom and pop kind of a place and he can watch the short order cook do his thing behind a window. He used to do that at one of his Dad's restaurants when he was a teen so he loves to watch.

They have these and they are the real old-fashioned ones!

Mom and Chris
It was so fun waking up on my birthday with my two favorite guys. Here is a photo of Chris and me from another time. There was not one decent photo of me with him in the 500 they took so I am borrowing from another time together. You have no idea how hard putting pictures of me on this blog is for me. I literally force myself but he eases the pain some cuz he is such a cute guy. I cannot remember the last time we were together on my birthday was but it has been awhile.

Laura wanted to see a picture of the watch Jim gave me for my birthday so I am including it here. It is a Silpada watch and I have been eying it for a long time. My friend Stacey sells Silpada and she is always walking around wearing their gorgeous jewels and I have just loved this watch on her. And I must say I do love wearing it too.

We meandered through the valley stopping at various fruit and veggie stands and just relaxing. It was heaven to just be able to chat in the car and be together.

After dropping Chris off at the airport we went to San Francisco for dinner at one of our favorite places, The Beach Chalet right on the ocean.

The Restaurant

On the ground floor of the Beach Chalet
they have these incredible,

old, floor to ceiling murals of life in SF,
way back when.

Love these so much!

The food is always excellent at the Beach Chalet.

View from our window at the Beach Chalet.
We watched this immense oil tanker come
in through the Golden Gate.

The dinner was so relaxing and enjoyable and I loved those quiet moments with my hubby. And then we drove around a little and took photos. We want to start a blog with just photos of San Francisco because it is so awesome and the photo ops are endless. Here are a few of the possibilities for the new photo blog coming soon.

The famous Windmill by the Sea

Begonias at the base of the Windmill in Golden Gate Park
near Ocean Avenue and The Beach Chalet

One of the beautiful homes in the Sea Cliff district of SF.

The distinctive Trans America building in the SF Skyline.

Marina Yacht Club Harbor

And that is a wrap for our Yosemite Retirement Celebration and my Birthday. I would have to give the whole time 10 stars. We had a great time and were pretty exhausted when we got home! We did a lot between Tuesday night and Friday night. I haven't been able to visit any of you the last little while as we are heading out again tomorrow for Utah. So we are all packed and ready for our next adventure. I know that once we get there I can sit down and give you all the attention you deserve~I love reading and commenting on all of your blogs. I cannot wait to see what you have been doing. Love to all~Bon

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BECKY said...

Hi Dear Bon!
I am so delighted to hear that your birthday was packed with joy and loveliness! I LOVE seeing photos of you! You are so pretty and your smile could light up a room! (cute dimples, too!)

The photo of you and Chris is priceless! I can see why you love it!

The photos of San Francisco are beautiful! What a neat idea to make a blog of them!

Love all of the ones from Yosemite, too! That one of Chris on the mist trail is awesome! What a great trip!

Hope you have fun in Utah, too, gal!
Love you!!

Julie Harward said...

Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY girl...looks like you are having a wonderful time! I love the watch too..very nice. Have a good one! :D

LA Adams said...

What a fabulous trip - such a soul filling beauty to be around. Very good pictures!

Sister Susie said...

Great pictures, Bonnie. I really like the small diners better than the larger restaurants. (You can hear each other talk!) The flowers are so pretty. I don't have much luck with flowers that need alot of care. I usually stick with my hibiscus and bougainvillas that can pretty much take care of themselves.

The shakes looked yummy! I think I'll go get myself a Frosty!

What an unusally watch! It reminds me of the collection of watches my mom collected.

I like the art that looks "real." The murals in your pictures do just that. There is a restaurant I go to that has these kind of pictures, but are of manatees and their babies.

The windmill probably creates its own electricity. We may see many of these kind of "homes" in the future. I wonder what the electic companies will do then?

My dad loved begonias. Spring brought him to plant many. However, when summer got here... it was too hot and he'd have to transplant them to a "wetter" place.

The Trans America Building is really unique. I loved seeing the Crysler Building in New York.

The Yacht Clud reminds me of Key West, Florida where I lived for 25 years. Thanks for sharing your pictures!!
Blessings and hugs to you and yours, Susie

Deanna said...

I am becoming dependant on your posts about your trips! ♪♫♪Happy Birthday ♪♫♪ dear friend!

Silpada huh? You know I'm going to have to copy you now. I wonder what Marshall will say when I tell him that I simply must have a watch. I have never worn one. Will he believe me? Only time (no pun intended) will tell.

Love you,
Deanna :D