Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Ahwahnee Lodge

The backyard of the Ahwahnee

The Ahwahnee Hotel has been proclaimed a National Historical Site having occupied this space on the Yosemite Valley Floor for many years.

"Completed in 1927, The Ahwahnee features a unique blend of design influences including Art Deco, Native American, Middle Eastern and Arts and Crafts movement. These elements can be seen in every aspect of the hotel including stenciling, woodwork, lighting fixtures and china patterns. Every room is designed for comfort and visual delight and reflects the natural surroundings and Native American influence of Yosemite." (From their website)

It is elegant in a rustic sort of way and the grandeur is impressive. The scale of everything is immense and it is very comfortable and regal. Typically you must reserve your room in either a cottage or in the lodge about two years in advance. We simply got amazingly lucky booking it about two weeks in advance because someone had canceled two seconds before Jim got online. It was meant to be!

I spent the entire 'climbing day' here and still missed a lot. The hotel sits on many acres of beautiful, wooded property. They have an amazing thing going for themselves! There is something for everyone at Yosemite. It is a wonderful place to take pictures and just walk around.

The Bridal Lawn

A cute bench on the bridge over the creek.

One of the many falls in the background

The Solarium where I did my blogging.
The views from the many windows in
the Solarium are inspiring.

The Lobby and entrance to their gift shop.

Some beautiful onyx bowls they sell in the shop.
I bought a small one and an onyx heart
paper weight, both stunning.

This is the dining room. It is immense.
At night it looks just like the Hogwarts
Dining Room in the Harry Potter movies.
They bring out these three foot tall
for every table
that really make it magical at night.

They take dinner reservations
up to 60 days in advance!

They have a lovely buffet each morning a part
of the
bed and breakfast plan we had.
I had to go alone
of course as
the hikers were long gone.
I was the only diner in the area where I was seated.

No problem about being alone~
these two
kept me company and waited
on me hand and foot!

When I told Toe-mas (not Thomas??)
that the guys would be jealous over the lovely buffet,
he suggested we take this photo to heighten
the jealously factor! Yeahrite!

{Flattery for $$}

The Great Lounge

The view is magnificent out of every window!

When the hikers returned we drove to Mariposa where we had dinner and spent the night. The next day was my birthday and we took a leisurely drive north to drop Chris off at the airport so he could fly home. We were sad to say our good-byes, we had had a wonderful time together, one we will never forget. Thanks you, Son, for spending this time with your parents!


Dorothy said...

I have loved going to Yosemite with you! What beauty and what a great place for you to stay waiting for the hikers. It is obvious that there is a special father/son bond that outshines the beauty of the park and the hike. Jim's comments said it all.

Last Monday I took my car in for an oil change and afterward I stopped at Wal-Mart that is near by. They had made some changes in the produce area so I was looking about and I saw a lady who looked very familiar. We smiled as I passed by and then it hit me that it was your daughter-in-law Missy. I then had this little conversation with myself---should I turn back and find her and introduce myself?--- Oh no, that wouldn't be a good idea!---would she think that strange?---If I run into her again I maybe will say something!---- Well,--- I didn't see her and her children again in my wanderings. Later that day I looked at your blog and her photo. Sure looked like Missy to me!!!
Quite a funny experience for me.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bon,
More lovely pics, love the pic of you and the waiter, did it spark any jealousy with Jim, it should he has a good looking wife!!
That was nice they kinda kept you company. The breakfast looked delightful.
The whole lodge looks delightful, that would be a fun day in and of itself. The scenery all around it too, wonderful.

So glad you all had this opportunity to go there and spend time together. Seeing such beauty just inspires such awe of God, doesn't it, He is simply amazing in everything but His creativity just never ceases to amaze.
Hope you are having a good day,
we just came back from the laundromat. Had to wash a comforter, should have done it sometime in the last 5 months, but we are having company so it was fianlly time!! lol
Always good to have a lil push , ya know!! Actually, I told the girl at the laundromat if I had known how much fun we would have had I would have come sooner. We got to watch about 4 episodes of Raymond, and that show cracks me up for some reason. The family no one wants to have, but they are so funny!! And they had lots of Martha Stewart magazines, so I had fun!! lol We are so easily entertained, can you tell.....then we had to go get a smoothie and come home. The comforter looks very nice!!
Well, drop by when you can girly,
I know how it is....... your time is not all your own, but it's a good trade off.
Blessings, Nellie