Friday, July 30, 2010

Like Father Like Son!

Chip and Dad
(Yes the previous owners actually painted that wall behind them! Yikes!)

People have always said that Chris looks like his Dad. Actually if you take Chris, feature for feature he looks more like my side of the family but the reality is he is built like his Dad, he has mannerisms like his Dad and has a lot of his Dad's characteristics. When they are walking down the street, side by side, from the back you cannot tell who is who. Size wise they are nearly identical.

More importantly they share so many of the same qualities and philosophies. They both have that mechanical mind that has a vision for things, knows instinctively how things fit together and work, and how to solve problems. They are not afraid to tear something apart to fix it and they are definitely not afraid to break a sweat. They can work so hard for hours and hours and hours and have fun doing it. The ways in which they are similar are uncanny. I have always said Chris' nickname should be "Chip" as he is definitely 'a chip off the old block.'

This has been such a fun time this past month, watching them hike in Yosemite and have fun together and also seeing them work on Chris' big construction project in their basement at home. In each of those times Jim was in his glory. What could bring a wife/mom more happiness than seeing her men enjoying each other? It is about as good as it gets!

Over the past few years they have almost completely renovated their older home. Chris and Missy had the vision of buying a fixer-upper in a beautiful, established neighborhood and have carried that vision through to reality one step at a time. Jim has been able to help on some of the projects and that has been great, but the kids have done much of it themselves.

Right now they have just finished raising the ceiling in the basement, have done all the electrical work and added can lights throughout. They have hung 6 new doors and are finishing a second bedroom downstairs so Connor can have his own room. The guys did so much work while we were there. Chris and Melissa started the tear out just three weeks ago and Chris has been working full time during the day, so the basement remodel has mostly been nights and Saturdays.

I just love to see them working together for good~ so their home will be more enjoyable and function for their family. Having Grampa there to lend a hand is the icing on the cake!


Julie Harward said...

I am sure your son so appreciates his dad's good help. Thar looks like it is going to be really nice. I think they like you taking pictures of them and praising are so easy! LOL

Marie said...

What a handsome pair, and so alike in many ways, and yet I see you as well in that chip off the old block!! What a blessing this time has been that they can work together and build something that will benefit the family like that! I am sure that much more than rooms have been built, but also some very special experiences and memories! Love you loads! xxoo

Sister Susie said...

You know, it's that truth taught in the Bible. Our parents have taken care of us up to adults (and after) and we honor our parents by taking care and allowing them to be part of our lives in their older years. Isn't it wonderful when parents have taught their children well and their children honor them in working together in the love that the world has no idea about! Our strong families honor our Loving, Holy, Awesome, Almighty, Creator, Savior God!
Thanks for sharing your love,