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A Simple Woman's Daybook~July 12, 2010

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So, For Today...Monday, July 12, 2010

Outside my window...The view is very different. We are in Utah and I am up on a ridge @ Jen and Lowell's house overlooking a lake. It is a blue sky today with marshmallow clouds. It is very HOT and 5:00 PM. Needless to say, getting to the computer has been problematic today. It is just so compelling to sit and talk and play with grand babies and big kids.

I am you can get so use to a quiet house and how different it is with 8 than two! Something is always happening, voices are always heard in the background when you are trying to concentrate on something. Once again, parents amaze me....almost to the point that I cannot remember ever doing this. What an admirable and very strenuous job raising kids is.

I am thankful for..our children and the wonderful job of parenting they are doing and the many opportunities they give their children to learn and grow and develop is just phenomenal. They seem to have endless energy to get the job done. And I am happy to be occupying the Gramma role. It is just another way in which we see and learn how wise our Father is to give the little ones to the young adults!

From the learning room...
a strong family is built one day at a time, one decision at a time; it all matters. You just cannot cut corners on the foundation.

I am reading...Book 4 in the Zion Covenant Series by Bodie Theone. Jerusalem Interlude. And the Thornbirds and The Book Thief.

From the kitchen...Yummy tacos from Jen's kitchen tonight. She makes her own guacamole and salsa. She cooks her tortillas as needed on a hot griddle and everything is delicious and fresh.

I am you are all doing! I hope you are well.

I am hearing...The fan overhead vibrating and humming as it tries to cool the room in addtion to the a/c. And I am wondering if it will fall down one day from all the shaking! I am scooting my chair closer to the desk and farther away from the fan. I am also hearing a game of Uno Attack going on in the kitchen which = squealing little girls and a Daddy and a Grampa talking quite loudly! I carefully and quietly came into the computer and no one has noticed I am gone yet.

Today if I could change one would be that Hazie could run outside and play with the kids!

I am quoting..."A Good Cook knows that it is not what's on the Table that Matters, it's what is on the Chairs!" Leigh Standley

My spiritual thoughts include...enjoying the memories of Family Home Evening last night. Grampa gave a lesson on "For the Strength of Youth" it was a good one. We talked about dressing modestly. The girls liked it.

Around the house...It is early morning now, I didn't finish my daybook yesterday. The cool air feels so good after a very warm evening and night. Today I got up a lot earlier and things will get done. I finally got my suitcase emptied and all the clothes hung up and some are evened ironed already. Woohoo.

I am missing...the cooling effects of the SF fog.

I am get back on a good schedule for writing.

One of my guilty pleasures...window shopping with my girls, it is so much fun.

One of my favorite things...watching Jim be a Grampa. He is so cute with the kids and they adore him.

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...haven't had a minute this week!

I am curious about...
how excited and also sad Laura and Robert's family is feeling right now with only a few days left in Italy. They leave for the US on Friday. It is hard to leave their stations after living some place for a few years and meeting so many wonderful people. It is hard to say good-bye.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Jim is busy putting in the wheelchair ramps and doing repairs at our condo here. Then he is helping Chris do some framing in Connor's new bedroom on Thursday. Tonight we are going to watch Aynslee at her ice skating lesson and Lowell's parents are coming through here on their way to Idaho. It will be great to see them. Jen and I will make the rounds to our favorite places and take care of kids. There is lots of stuff on the calendar I cannot remember but I just tag along. It is fun.

Here is a picture and thought I am sharing with you...

This is our Hazie riding the Merry-Go-round
in Salt Lake City! She is such a fun loving little girl!
She enjoys everything she does.
She has a great attitude about life and is a good example.


Caroline Craven said...

Picturing Lowell and Jim playing Uno with the girls and you sneaking off to the computer put a smile on my face. I was amused!! I hope you are enjoying your trip to Utah.

BECKY said...

Oh Bon, Love your heart, gal...just love it. You are such a wonderful Gramma, and a lovely blessing to your children and grandchildren!

Like you, I don't know how I did it with four. Even now with two adult kids and one 12 yo I sometimes still don't know how I manage. Definitely a God thing!!

Moving can be such a transition, but there are good things about being back in the states that will make it a bit easier. Where are they moving to?
If you said that I missed it.

Well, love you gal! Hope the remainder of your time there is delightful!!

Love that shot of Hazie!! Such a cutie patootie!!