Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hey Hey Hey! Whatta Ya Say...

Chris and Missy's kids participated in this neighborhood choral class this summer and it was a great little concert I attended one afternoon. It was Zachary's first concert, he is in the first row on the far right. Aynslee is also in the first row with the purple shirt and cute blond hair. Connor is in the back row on the left with the glasses.

One of the things I love about Utah is there are so many enrichment activities like this for the kids. I was very proud of all of them. Jen said she wished her kids had known about it too. It is funny but these things are so much more enjoyable as a grandparent as I think your life is just not as crazy busy and you can actually relax and enjoy the moment. We love to attend all their activities.

I must admit, I didn't always feel that way as a young parent after all it took just to get them all there, presentable and in a happy mood! See how sweet it is to get older...just show up and enjoy! I like it!

The only draw back, some of the songs are so catchy, like this one, that you may just be singing the chorus for a long time! Hey Hey Hey, Whatta Ya Say...repeated over and over and your mind.....Ah, La Dolce Vita!


BECKY said...

Hi Bon! You are so right! What a catchy little song!! And the kids all did such a great job with it!!

I know it just warmed you all up inside! Such delight to us grammies!

Been working hard to get my shop opened! Hopefully by next Monday if all goes well! So many details! And everything I normally have to do, too! Whew!

Love you and glad things are slowing down a bit and you can blog some more!

Big Hugs,

Marie said...

How fun that you were able to go to these fun activities with your grandchildren!! That is a mighty catchy tune! I think I shall be singing it all the day through!! xx00

LA Adams said...

Very cute!