Sunday, July 4, 2010

Time For a Do-Over!

Happy Independence Day, Everyone! Let's take back some of the freedom that Americans use to enjoy. I ran across this video and all I can say is AMEN!! Sometime during this Sabbath Day let's think of a way to personally get involved in getting it back! One person can make a difference.


Caroline Craven said...

That guy should be singing at baseball games. He didn't seem to struggle at all with the difficult parts of the national anthem. That also reminds me so much of Don Aguilar. I loved singing in church with him. Every time we sing the NA in our ward, Kent and I both say we miss Don. He was funny.

Sister Susie said...

This nation needs to turn back to God. The Church is responsible for praying diligently and setting a Godly example in being true to our LORD. God does use ungodly people for His purpose. May God bless this nation again and open the eyes of the blinded to His Truth.
Blessings on you and yours,

Julie Harward said...

Oh God...please bless America..for sure! It was a great 4th! I love your salad recipe too, just like mine! :D

BECKY said...

Oh Bon' That was awesome! I think if all of us "church people" would really act like we serve a mighty God, this nation would turn back to God, and our founding freedoms. We can all do something...we just need to do it!!

Love and big hugs to you, gal! Thank you for sharing this video. Loved the heart he sang with!!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Dearest Bon..

Trying to type through tears here.. I can NEVER make it through a patriotic song, and this was WONDERFUL... Thank you so much for sharing. We must do what we can to redeem this country and bring it back to it's roots.

God Bless AMERICA! And, God bless you too.