Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Heroes~Climbing Half Dome

Here are the climbers at 4:30 am when they left for the trail head. They were gone for exactly 14 hours and 16 minutes. Most of that time was climbing straight up and climbing straight down. I have so much admiration for them because I struggle climbing nicely constructed stairs with a handrail.

This accomplishment is so far beyond my comprehension that I don't have a clue what this kind of strength and endurance and courage is all about. But once again, God is all knowing and brilliant. He gives this kind of talent to the people who would love doing it. As for me I cannot begin to comprehend how terrorizing myself for all those hours like this could be fun. But it is a totally mute point because in this life time it will never be an issue to even be considered. I asked them if they would enjoy having their fingernails ripped out but they didn't seem to get it. I just got the deer in the headlights look like .."What are you babbling about anyway, huh?"

Seriously though...I am impressed that they did it. And the argument that people should do it because it is so beautiful up there didn't hold much water for me as I can just enjoy their photos and feel totally satisfied with "our" experience. My contribution was bearing Jim a son to enjoy this with! Little did I know then how handy and essential a son could be! Thanks for coming, Chris, this meant the world to your Daddy. Added note: Our Daughter, Laura, also did this hike with her Dad years ago.

Moon still shining!

Ready to go!

The tiny black line in the center of the photo is
composed of climbers using the cables to
get up the mountain.

Chris ready to go up!
Never do this in front of your mother, OK, kid?

View From The Top

Rock Lizzard...
Resting at the top!

8.4 miles under their belts!

The Falls are magnificent but you
can see them nicely from the floor.

This is my favorite picture
of Chris on the Mist Trail.

(The inside of the card I found for Jim)


Jim said...

Thank you feels like you were with us. You got everything just right.
There are many reasons why we do things like this...but I am not sure which one of those many reasons fits this situation best. Let's just say that I know myself AND Chris a little better because of the experience...and for now that's good enough.

Great Post!!

Love, J

Nellie's Cozy place said...

HI Bonnie,
So good to hear from you. I know how it is having your guy home all the time, so figured you were having a fun time. We are the same way we are just having too much fun hanging out and talking and eating and praying and reading. It is really great, God is so good to give us this time of joy and blessing.
Am so glad you guys are having a ball, it is like being on vacation to some degree just we are at home.
I was saying to Jimmy yesterday did you ever think you could be laid off and have so much fun at the same time. It's really crazy!! lol
We have been listening to this fellow John Eldridge I mentioned him and gave a link to his website on my Thankful Thursday post last
week. He wrote a book called walking with God and it was so good, but he has videos on his website and they are so great. We ordered some marriage DVD's cause
they were pretty inexpensive as those type of dvd's go, and they
are great!! So that has been fun cause we are praying about who the Lord would have us teach with them, we felt like he told us the Elders in our church, (hubby is head elder so he is expected to lead) so we are praying now about how to go about that. Exciting!!

Hope you and Jim have a wonderful time with your family in Utah.
So glad you had such a great time with Jim and Chris for your birthday. That was so neat he could come and be with you for a few days.
I loved this post by the way, it was just great. What an son would have loved to go with them probably, not so much my Jim, he is not great with heights, not much freaks him out but heights will do it!! lol
I am with you I can enjoy the pics way more that the terror of a climb like that. Bet you were doing a lot of praying all day!!
I prayed for all of you too, I was worried about you being there by yourself and was relieved later in the day when you said you were inside that building. I loved your lil mountain you drew and your lil cheerleader, my daughter says she is her dads biggest fan and I am his biggest cheerleader!!
Thought that was so neat you sees that!!

Well, it is late, so I gotta shower and get to bed. Guess what we did at 11:00 tonight??? and it is all your fault.......we made zucchini pancakes!! I bought the zucchini last week and forgot about it, and was going thru more magazines to get rid of and saw a
recipe for them again, so we made them. My bisquick and flour was old so I used a krusteaz cornbread mix and put all the other ingredients you said and they were delish!!
I love that we can do that at 11 p.m if we want to, how cool is that!!
Well, Night Night
Precious friend,
Lets try to keep in touch, I did try to instant message you a few times but to no avail. That darn bell needs to be louder or else it should pop up on the screen or something. The first time a friend ever messanged me that is what it did, but has never done it since. oh well!!
Love and Blessings, Nellie

Sister Susie said...

Isn't that like men? I got your comments, ha. It seems men sometimes don't "comprehend" the same language; like when you've been talking to them, then realize the uh huh, yeah tells they haven't heard a word you've said!

What a beautiful picture of the moon. I'm glad your label had the word "still" between moon and shining, or that it wasn't "moonshining still" lol!

The tiny black line up the mountain reminds me when in 1998 in Israel, I walked up to the summit of the Ruins of She'an. It had the same thin line. The only safety line was a line 6 inches off the ground! Every 15 steps I had to stop a few minutes to rest the muscles in my legs. By the time I got to the top my leg muscles were quivering. But, what a view when I got to the top! What a major feat!

My favorite picture of yours is "Mist Trail." Thank you for sharing your pictures!
Blessings and hugs,

Julie Harward said...

WOWZA....what a climb...what a gorgeous place...what hero's indeed! That is quite the dome, what a challenge...that must feel awesome to have done it! :D

margaret said...

The first photo is great. This is what I like so much about your family, you all look your belonging, even the little adopted granddaughter is your very image, it is just so lovely.