Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We're On The Go!

Aynslee, Grampa, Connor Owen and Zachary

I have really missed being able to blog on a regular basis this past week. We have just been so busy with all the kids and the projects Jim is doing. He has already completed the work at our condo and has replaced the counter top in the main bathroom. If all goes well by the end of the week he will have completed the wheelchair ramps made from grating used in ski resorts (because they hold up well in the snow) for our little Hazie girl! He is also hoping to get a retractable shade for Jen and Lowell's back deck, designed and in place! And he is helping Chris re-frame the basement in their home, hang six new doors, and build a bedroom for Connor. There is also electrical work and new wallboard to install, tape and texture but they may not get to all of that on this trip. One thing is for sure, Jim has not had a minute to think about being bored in his retirement!

A lovely leafy canopy with a star burst of morning sunlight.
The Creator of it all never ceases to amaze!

One morning we had a chance to take care of Chris and Missy's kids while they went to another town for a wedding. The first order of the day was a trip to a Park nearby before it got really hot. By 9:00 AM it was already pretty warm and muggy but we stayed at the park for about an hour and a half. It is really a beautiful park and the views of the mountains are amazing.

This Park is so gorgeous and the grass is like green velvet!

The kids enjoyed the playground

Zachary and Aynslee scaling the Climbing Wall.

Teeter Totter that requires only one=brilliant!

Owen brought his Gramma a flower for the first time!

The sky looked so pretty!

I was thankful that Grampa brought me a chair
because I got to do a lot of this!

Connor was so helpful with the younger kids,
especially Owen.

Zach and Grampa resting for a minute
under the big shade tree...

Aynslee, crouching behind had a plan...

Moose ears!!

Back at home we had a picnic on the back deck.
Again Connor was very helpful in showing us
exactly how to please Owen in the lunch department.
Toast and honey, no peanut butter!

It was a fun day and a great reminder that simple pleasures are often the best. These are the special times that bring a grandparent so much joy. There really is a special bond between these two generations. Our connection is a shared unconditional love for each other and their parents!


Julie Harward said...

This looks like a wonderful day with the grands...I love days like this, no one better o spend it with! It does sound like a busy time...have a great summer! :D

Dorothy said...

I have missed you and I was happy to have you back today--- but your visit with your beautiful family takes precedence!

Your Jim is like the Bunny that just keeps on going and going. I am in total awe of all the things he has accomplished---and you still take time for a day at the park with the grandchildren! How about Jim creates a new business called "Rent-a-Jim" for an hour, a half or whole day?

girlsmama said...

Looking at your pictures and reading your words makes me wish my mom was here visiting too! I'm so happy you are able to spend time here. I'm curious as to where your condo is! I'll have to call Jen!

Caroline Craven said...

The pictures of the park are so beautiful - and green. This time of year things are usually turning brown. Loved the moose ears, snuggling with Gma. and cracked up over the very specific toast with honey, no PB. Trevor was so picky about PB&J's at that age. The peanut butter on one slice, the jelly on the other and both peanut butter and jelly had to go to the very edges. I remember one morning Kent slapped a PBJ sammie together for Trevor and had to take it apart and do it properly before Trevor would even touch it. I thought it was funny (because I had been previously trained, and had warned Kent, but he ignored me and thought Trevor wouldn't notice the difference). It was funny/frustrating to Kent!

Sister Susie said...

Tell Jim that retirement is only changing the work for someone else to the work for yourself, ha!

I understand about the blogging. I am so glad you still share. I have slowed down too (however, mine is due to lack of info. My life isn't as exciting as all of my blogger friends ha!)

I can hardly wait for the pictures of your hard work when you finish with your condo.

The mountain pictures look to be so nice and cool (we are in the dread of heat right now!)

All the children are really enjoying their grandparents! It is so good that they are close and can do so! Enjoy!
Blessings to you all,

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

What a BEEE-U-TI-FUL family... You ARE a lucky girlie.... And, what a hardworking, handy hubby you have too..

Huggies sweet chickie...