Friday, July 1, 2011

Answer By Midnight, Please?

Dear James,

We met in then, at 17 just a few days bef0re we met.

Me now..........A little more "seasoned" shall we say?

You and me just a few days ago.

So listen to the following musical question and let me know by midnight tonight, OK? The clock is ticking away to the infamous birthday we giggled about back in the 60s. Never thought we'd see the day then, but it sure did sneak up on us, huh?

Awaiting your answer.....Love, Bon


Sister Susie said...

I say he definately will!

Jim said...

YES!! times 64. And I will still love you when you are 74 and 84 and 94...and after that, even more!

Happy Birthday Love. I hope you enjoyed the "1001 Dalmatians" pocketbook.
Love, J

Marie said...

Aww so sweet Bonnie! Happy Birthday!! I reckon that's the best Birthday Gift a gal could ever ask for! xxoo (Jim that is!!)

Nellie's Cozy place said...

That was soooo cute!
Yea, we got to this age a lot quicker than I thought we would!!
I am right on the cusp of 60, and it amazes me, not a bad thing, just wonder how I got here so fast!! lol

Loved Jim's answer!! Good going guy!!
Blessings, Nellie