Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Norman Rockwell's Betsy Ross
Mending the Flag

God Bless America!

Yup, I said it....God and America in the same breath. If that offends anyone sorry. I believe that God had an integral hand in the creation and founding of this country. As I have studied Early American History lately, I have been reminded of how important the basic tenants of Christianity were to the founding fathers of this Nation, our Constitution, and our Declaration of Independence. What we, as a nation, have allowed to happen to it since, is on us. I feel very comfortable in asking God to Bless America abundantly and often. Heaven knows it is needed now more than ever before. And I believe that if we truly were one nation under God, we really would be indivisible.

Enjoy your celebration today of the freedoms we have inherited through the blood and toil of those who have gone before us, as well as those who serve now. And may we have the good sense to turn back to the God who is over all, to help us hang on to it.

And may God especially Bless and Keep out of harm's way, our valiant service men and women with special guardian angels in the middle east. Our son, Robert, will be one of them in October. Praying already for his safety and protection as he goes about his work of protecting our freedoms, both yours and mine. We all owe our military famlies a tremendous debt of gratitude not just today but every day!

Through my family history researching I have discovered that we have family that has served in WW2, WW1, The Civil War on both sides and perhaps the Revolutionary War. My father served for 5 plus years in WW2. I love and appreciate our forefathers who have given much for what we have today.
The very least I can do is pay tribute to them and honor them and thank them by the way I live my life. And by serving the God this country, with all its problems, was founded upon. It is exactly that freedom we cherish, that allows us to exercise our agency in making our own choices. This is basic for living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Leaving God out of the equation makes absolutely no sense at all.


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Amen Bonnie!
I couldn't agree more and couldn't
have said it any better!

Hugs, Nellie

Marie said...

America has always been so very important in Heavenly Father's plan for us! I wish more people knew and had more reverance for that fact. Hope you had a lovely 4th Bonnie! xxoo

Sister Susie said...

I pray for America too! I fear it is going further away from the Founding Fathers conception more today than in the past.

We can only pray, witness, and share His Plan of Salvation for man.

Love to you all,