Friday, July 15, 2011

Family Photo Shoot~Reunion #7

Our beautiful photographer and good friend, Traci!

When the notion of a Family Reunion was conceived the only stipulation I had was that we must have a family picture taken. It had been since 2003 and our family picture hanging on the wall in our bedroom was way outdated. That experience was so different than this one. We had all been together because of my mom's funeral, so the next day we took all the babies down to Sear's for some pictures.

The little ones were pretty resistant and they were so noisy people were coming to look into the room to see who was being tortured. In a word, it was pure bedlam and the picture captured it. Not a terribly positively reinforcing experience, so this time we were a little leery of what lay ahead for our appointment with Traci at 6:00 on Tuesday.

It was such a fun and good experience this time. All the kids were patient with the promise of hot tub time and treats, if all went well. (We are not above bribing when necessary!) They were little rock stars and we are very happy with the results of everyone's concerted efforts to give Gramma and Grampa the best anniversary gifts ever. We took the photos right next door and across the street from the big house. It was very convenient. I know some of you have seen these photos before but just in case you didn't, here they are.

The Dad and Mom

The Dad and His Mother

The Kids

The Silly Shots

The Four Generations

Lowell and Jennifer

Their Family

Melissa and Chris

Their Family

Laura and Robert

Their Family

~The Grandchildren~
Julia, Piper, Connor,
Spencer, Ross, Chloe, Zachary, Aynslee
Owen, Hazel

The Mom and Her Son

~The Dads~
Robert, Lowell, James, Christopher

~The Moms~
The Gramma, Great-Grandma Gloria, Jen
Missy, Laura


Our Family Reunion 2011~Sundance Utah
Traci Hartman Photography (the very best)


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh Bonnie.... I've missed you. And, I'm so glad to have popped over for a visit today. Just look at that wonderful family....and what did I enjoy most? Seeing the closeness of everyone... How very precious. You're all just adorable... :-)

Isn't it wonderful to have all of those photo memories?

Big hugs to you dear chickie!


PS... I thought of you the whole time I re-did my music. This new player isn't as good as Playlist USED to be.... who needs commercials on their blog?? YIKES! It had to go. I have lots of new songs added, I just need to change it over on my blog.

Sister Susie said...

I was wondering who took your group shots! Traci did a fabulous job! Jennifer is just as pretty as her mom! Chris looks like his dad. Laura looks more like you, but has some of Jim in her.
What a great photo journal!
Love to you all,

LA Adams said...

Very nice!! I'll have to look Traci up if we go to Utah with the family - most of them are closer to Provo anyway!