Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gone Fishin'...

Well, not really fishin' but I am playing hooky from my real life over here in Utah again. This time I am fishing for new generations in our family tree and knowledge about a sense I guess it is learning to be a better 'fisher of men.'

I arrived safely yesterday afternoon after a really pleasant flight where I met two really nice ladies. We chatted the whole way here, which I don't usually like to do, but these ladies were a lot of fun. I ran into another lady I knew that was also coming up for the Family History Conference. It is a small world between Oakland International Airport and Salt Lake City, we almost always see someone we know on our flight.

The Conference starts on Tuesday and runs through Friday so there are a couple of days to just relax and hang out here at Jen's. One of the instructors is an online genealogy friend and possible relative of Jim's going back to the old country. Stephen has helped us so much on Jim's Italian line from Tasso. So I really am looking forward to meeting him in person this week. He also helped us quite a bit in finding the baby's grave in San Francisco that I wrote about a few months ago. I am in awe of his brilliance so look forward to gleaning all I can from his classes.

Tuesday night I will move over to Chris and Missy's to spend some time with them and Connor, Aynslee, Zach and Owen and I can also walk to the Conference Center from their house so do not have to be such a pest needing rides.

Chloe Jane

In the meantime I get to play with Chloe and Hazie, Julia and Piper. Isn't this about the cutest little fisher woman you ever did see?


Deila said...

I love these little fishing photos, so so cute. I almost want to fish! Have a good week up there. sounds fun.

Jim said...

Great post love...and great pictures. When did you all go "fishing". This looke like a real lake...not the water front at Nun Park.

Bonnie said...

We did not actually go fishing this weekend! These are just photos from a camping trip that Lowell took the girls on after Jewels came home from camp. I just wanted to use these cute pictures and was speaking metaphorically.

Marie said...

I do believe she IS just about the cutest fisherman I have ever seen Bonnie! I hope you enjoy the conference and this time with your family. You are one very blessed woman! xxoo