Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our Sundance Film Fest~Reunion #8

After the photos we invited Traci and her daughter Morgan to stay for BBQed hamburgers. Ours didn't look exactly like the ones above but close enough. It was so much fun to spend this time with the Hartman girls. Jen and Traci have been friends for many years and we just love, love, love their family. They have visited us in CA a few times and we always get together with them in Utah. They are as close to family as you can get.

Everyone changed into their swimming suits that was under 13 and the hot tub promises were kept. While some adult supervised that, the rest of us cleaned up from dinner and got ready for our last night in the big house, the catapult demonstrations, and the viewing of the movies that had been made by the men and the one made by the kids. We also previewed and were very pleased with Traci's photos almost instantaneously viewed up on the big screen.

The Last Hurrah!!
So long for this year's well done cousin soup,
simmered to perfection!

Grampa and I are already thinking...same time next year?

The kids are ready for bed,
it is time to watch our own
Sundance Film Festival.

The excitement was building....... Drum roll.

The kids did a really nice job on their movie. Jen and Lowell's kids have made lots of films with Dad's help. This one they all did on their own, just the cousins, while Lowell orchestrated the film you are about to see. This was totally a delight to all of us that were completely in the dark about what they had been up to.

I think Robert was the person continuing to help the kids with their Legos and other games and Laura's men were engaged in some of this fine fun...too.


Ross and Robert

Missy also made the delicious pretzel bites that morning but, for the life of me, I cannot find any photos of that. Just think fresh bread baking in the oven and some very delectable taste treats. They disappeared after all her hard work in about a nano second! Missy gets first prize all the time as our family baker! The house was a buzz with all kinds of activities that day but all roads led to the evening fun!

So here is the adult's movie...enjoy!
It is pretty good for a lot of laughs.
We loved it but then we are the parents
so you be the judge!
The Link to YouTube's "Man Vs. Wild" if you are an e-mail subscriber.

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Sister Susie said...

Excellent survival movie. In joyful response,maybe it's because I'm a female, but why would you repel down a rope just to have to painstakingly climb up the rocks? Why not just use the rope and pulley method? Maybe guys just like to make it harder on themselves, lol!

Water searching - I think I'd rather just use my plastic water bottle to collect water from condensation!

Locating where you are - A compass and map of the area before you start on your camping trip would be a great accessory to have before you go into the wilderness.

I think my forethought would be to have my backpack stuffed to zipper tight with energy bars to only be used in times of emergencies. Or maybe logust roasted on a stick, yuk! I would forego the animal patty, double yuk!

Near the finale, I think dehydration must have set in! Imaginary wilderbeast are wearing wigs, ha, ha, ha!

Shelter - was that children I heard in the background? I'd think I'd just go back to camp, hee, hee!

The guys did a great job sharing what you can truly do if one were to ever find themself in need to survive in the wilderness! Thank them for sharing this important information!

Love to you all,

LA Adams said...

What a fantastic bonding experience! Family is really where it is at!