Sunday, July 3, 2011

One Cool Thing About My Birthday is.....Rosco!

Here are some of us to wish you a Happy Birthday,
wear some hats and blow some noise makers!
Today this celebration belongs to YOU!

Today is Ross' Birthday!
Happy 9th Birthday, Ross!

He was almost born on my birthday and what a gift! Thanks, Robert and Laura. This little grandson is pure joy! Every grandparent needs a grandboy like Ross in their lives. He and I have always called ourselves "birthday twins" and this year we almost got to spend it together on the actual days. He always keeps me well-informed about when my birthday day before his! This boy loves himself a birthday! So it just adds extra joy for me to share this time with him.

Hugging a tree in San Francisco last week.

With Zach and Connor and Spencer!
These cousins had some serious fun
at the reunion together.

Ross wearing Uncle Lowell's gigantic
foam cowboy hat at the reunion.
{Forcing a grin for yet another photo!}

And somebody's goofy glasses found
their way to his cute little face!!

More tree huggin'!

Balancing Act!
Standing on this thing was no easy feat,
but he did it!

Ross on a Cable Car!

I adore this photo of Robert and the boys
at the beach at Point Reyes. I think Ross looks a lot
like our great nephew Thomas in the photo when he was 9.
Laura's boys! A handsome lot!

Family Hug!

Ta da...Birthday time at last!

We had a little birthday dinner put on by Laura the night before they left. It was just us and Grandma Gloria. We had a great time celebrating. We just need to do this every couple of birthdays or so. Woohoo for this year! It eased the pain of getting yet another year older, so thanks Ross! And thanks also for always keeping how old I will be on my next birthday at the forefront and how long it actually is until it gets here! Gotta love it, right? 364 days to go! Whew!

This is a blurry phone photo but had to put it on because Ross is the most affectionate boy. Always has been. A squeeze from him is quite substantial! And he gives his mom and Gramma lots of kisses. And he told me three times on his phone message last night that he loves me. What a kid, huh? We were out to dinner but he wanted me to know that he called on my actual birthday even though he knows we will be calling him to wish him a Happy Birthday in a few hours. Why is Rhode Island so darn far away?

Rumor has it that Grampa likes to hold kids over the railing of various bodies of water by their belt loops. He has tired to drop Ross into 'the drink' in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. I must put two versions of this on here so you can see the look on the face of the perpetrator!

Hang on, Rossie!

And Spencer didn't get away either!

Celebrate with a bang!

Love you, Ross, with all of our hearts and
wishing you the Best Birthday this year!

We miss you, enjoy your new house!
Hope your Birthday presents arrive soon!

Hugs and Kisses,
Gramma and Grampa


Deila said...

Cute family photos. We have a birthday today, my granddaughter is 1 and my son is 16 tomorrow. Love the holidays.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
It was so great to check my blog this morning and to hear from you!! Sweet!

Happy birthday, sorry I missed it!!
Sounds like it was grand too, so glad, so glad you had such a wonderful family reunion and that Laura and the kids got to come home with you for awhile. Precious times!
Ross is a cutie, just like all the other grandies..........your quiver is full and adorable over there, that is for sure. Sounds like a real sweetie too. Loved the pic of you and him, and that was a great pic of the boys and their daddy, also loved the family hug too.

So very sorry to hear about your brother Steve, sounds pretty serious, but God........he is not going anywhere till the Lord says so.........we will sure be praying for he and his family. It is always a hard thing to watch our loved ones go thru such hard things,thank God we have the gift of prayers, it at least gives us knowledge that we are doing something and that something is really one of the best things we can possibly do!

Sounds like you have had a full plate with an extreme variety of emotions. It is so hard to balance
the happiness of certain situations with the sadness of others, that was how we felt when Mandy ended her marriage to Scott right as Dee
was graduating college. Our hearts were so broken for our son, but at the same time so overjoyed for Dee.
You feel sort of a sense of guilt for fear of offending the grieving party, but yet it is not fair to not celebrate the one who has this great milestone and has worked so hard.

So good to hear from you sweetie,
and hope you have many more wonderful celebrations in the years to come, and in the days to come
Happy 4th of July!
So happy your back...............
and so happy you had such a wonderful time with your family.

Love and Blessings,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Oh Yea,
and loved the family photo of the birthday party. Now who climbed on a chair or something to get that great shot?? Was it Robert??

Marie said...

What a wonderful post to your grandson Bonnie! Happy Birthday to him! What a super grandmother you are! Love you loads! xxoo

Sister Susie said...

Tell Ross I said, "Happy Birthday!" I really like that hat!
His orange glasses coordinate with his orange hat. (Was that your doing, Bonnie, Ha!) I bet Ross says, "There's nothing better than being in the arms of my loving grandmom!" I bet he was thinking a little different when his granddad was holding him by a "loop!"
Love to you all,

laura.elizabeth said...

Awesome Post MOM! Thanks a bunch. Ross loves it too!