Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook~July 12, 2011

So, For Today...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I love doing the Daybook each week as it creates a picture of what life is like, day to day in 2011. It also allows me to think specifically about certain things and record them. The Daybook is easy to complete and a fun way to keep track of things going on in my head and my life. And probably my most favorite...it allows us to get better acquainted. I just love it when friends do a Daybook.

As my friend Marie's says," It is like sitting down together for a chat over tea." If you ever want to do one, just copy and past one of mine into your editing page, delete my answers until you have an empty template and answer the questions for yourself. You can also make up your own questions of course. Try it, it's fun!

Outside my window...it is bright and sunny and not a cloud in the sky. It is going to be in the high 70s today with a gentle breeze. Perfection would be my one word description for today.

I am thankful for...every blessing in our lives, both yours and mine. When we really look at them it is overwhelming, isn't it?

From the learning room...when we learn from the past and prepare for the future and then really live in the present~ life can be fantastic. Sometimes we must live life as it comes, one moment at at time but our experiences tell us things will always get better. The Lord will buoy us up during times of trial, protect us and show us the way to the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes we just have to say that with the Lord's help, just for right now, I CAN do this. When you are facing a trial or a problem...projecting too far into the future can get you in trouble. Taking it one step, one day at a time is manageable. And if things don't turn out as we wish they would, He will always send us great comfort if we just ask.

I am reading...The scriptures daily with James. No other book right now. Still trying to think about what I want to read next. I can't seem to sit still long enough and focus~ to get into anything right now. Too much going on.

From the kitchen...the frig is full of evidence that summer is here. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies. We love eating light in the summer especially. It is so refreshing and feels so healthy. Working tonight until 9:00 at the Family History Center so I need to pack us a lunch soon and start getting ready to go.

I am wondering...what I will do at work today? It is fun to finally feel like I can actually help other people with their research. Genealogy has a never ending learning curve, but if you stick with it long enough it starts to make some sense and that is when it gets really fun.

I am hearing...this new artist (to me) named Michael Johnson singing "I'll Always Love You." I really like it. He is not really pop and not really country or folk...just something that combines all of those in a nice melodic way.

Today if I could change one thing...everyone would live the Golden Rule and just be a little kinder. Everyone would be less selfish and and more humane and happier because of it. It would simplify things so much. People would not be jaded by the bad experiences in their lives with others because they just would not have those heartbreaking experiences. Sounds like Heaven...I guess we just have to wait.

I am quoting..."Love Changes Everything!" Michael Ball's signature song from the Broadway Musical "Aspects of Love." Think about it, it really is true.

I am going...to get all my Family Reunion posts done this coming week for my little grandies and their parents and for my online journal...this blog. I appreciate you readers that see me through this project by coming back and commenting over and over again. How fun can it be to read about someone else's family reunion? You are real troopers! The little ones are loving it and for this I will walk on hot coals. They are the most precious people on the planet, the grandkids...both yours and mine. Oh and their parents are pretty darn fantastic too. I'd do the coals for them also.

I am missing...Each of the above mentioned family members.

One of my guilty pleasures...freshly picked, deep red cherries. If something has a cherry in it, it is my favorite. I bought three pounds of cherries yesterday. A splurge from Sam's Club...the season for cherries is almost over for this year.

Pet Peeves...the amount of lint or fillers they put in new towels to make them look so luxurious. After one washing and drying your lint filter is jam packed with the luxury!

One of my favorite things...being all ready for the day. MORNING ROUTINE DONE, DRESSED AND READY TO GO IS A FAVORITE. Don't you get tired of the showering, hair, make-up routine that takes up that time each and every day? I do. I recently discovered that with the right haircut, products and a blow dryer I can do my hair in about three minutes. No more curling iron. Freedom, ladies, I am telling ya...it is a liberating miracle!

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...I have been watching a lot of movies lately to escape the worries I have been feeling over my brother, Steve, and his cancer. So far it is helping me to just rest my mind and heart. I know the Lord will take care of him I just need to stop thinking about it for a minute and I do...when I watch movies. The Great Escape! He is such a sweetheart, my brother. He had his first chemo treatment yesterday. He said it was no biggie. I am in awe of his courage and bravery. You cannot fake that. I do love him so much. So back to the movies....I did go to the movies with Faye and we saw Monte Carlo. A cute, mindless, funny, chick flick. It fit the bill perfectly and it was fun just being with her. Just what the doctor ordered.

I am curious about...how Laura and Robert are doing in getting settled. They don't have a phone yet and their cell phones are never near enough for them to hear us calling apparently. So frustrating.

A few plans for the rest of the week...work in a few hours, tomorrow Jim is working for a friend building a small Gazebo so I have all day to keep catching up on the blog. Thursday we are definitely going to San Francisco for a get away. Friday work around the house, date night and possibly taking a widow in our ward to the SF airport. She is in her late 70's and just lost her husband a few months ago and her son is getting married in Las Vegas. We heard she might be taking BART and didn't think that would be right with her having to juggle her luggage on the train.... Saturday going to our friend Jean's memorial service in Santa Cruz where I will be doing a reading for the family. Hopefully staying really late as our neighbor is having a big party in his backyard with a band on Saturday night. Yippee, no sleep until the wee hours of the morning! Sunday, church and relax and nap no doubt!

Here are two photos and some thoughts I am sharing with you...

Well it is happening. Piper is growing up right before our eyes. How can I possibly be old enough to have this beautiful young lady as my granddaughter? LOL! 64 is plenty old enough, isn't it? Repeat three times daily to get use to the idea, Bon.

She got her hair cut just yesterday and I absolutely love it. It is no secret I am a fan of short hair on most people. I just love the sassy look of this style on her. The layering takes everything to new heights! It just brings out her facial features, keeps the hair out of her eyes and is something different than the long, straight hair that every preteen and teen seems to have to have. Just perfect for being a seventh grade, 'on the go' kind of girl.

There's a little bit of Molly Ringwald in her, dontcha think? Love the freckles on her although I always hated them on me. She looks so much like Jen at this age. It is really taking me back! Love this sweet young lady, she is a beauty in every sense of the word inside and out.

A great blog post I have enjoyed this week because it is thought provoking and so well written...by Dawn Camp on the site, incourageme.com. If you don't even like the thought of aging and wrinkles...read this...http://www.incourage.me/2011/07/outward-aging-inward-renewal.html Loved it!


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I have been meaning to start a "daybook" and you have encouraged me to do so! Thanks!

Sister Susie said...

OUTSIDE...There was a nice shower of rain to cool things off!
THANKFUL...for who I am, where I am, and how I am. The LORD has truly blessed me.
LEARNING...The LORD does hear our prayers. I have found His answers to be yes, wait, or no. I have come to learn He knows the best for everything in my life.
READING...Bible commentaries on subjects I am thinking about.
KITCHEN...Fresh veggies! I love to fry a menagerie of vegetables with different seasonings! Yum, yum!
WONDERING...How far my cousin, Jim, has gone with his geneology. He is my mom's brother's son.
HEARING...my mastif snoring!
CHANGE...Won't it be great! Heaven! Christ said all of our tears will be wiped away (to be remembered no more.)
QUOTING..."My kids are around Pit Bulls every day. In the 70's they blamed Dobermans. In the 80's they blamed German Shepherds. In the 90's they blamed Rottweilers. Now they blame the Pit Bulls." Cesar Millan.
GOING...(Can't wait) to read your further blogs on on your reunion. I love the pictures too!
MISSING...my loved ones too!
GUILTY PLEASURES...Mango Key Lime pie!
PET PEEVE...New Sheets! I have to wash them first! If not, I feel every factory folded crease each time I turn over!
FAVORITE...Friday's visit to the hair dresser.
MOVIE...Concert DVD's. I love to watch and hear the music through my surround system! How uplifting!
CURIOUS...for answers I'm researching and others sharing it with me on my blog.
WEEK'S PLANS...relax, relax, get my hair done, relax, enjoy my worship at church, relax.....
I so enjoy your Daybook!
Love to all,

Marie said...

Love, Love, LOVE Piper's new haircut! She's such a pretty girl! I always love your daybook entries Bonnie. I do. I like doing genology too. I could get lost in research. We've been trying so hard to find a person in one of my lines for years and years, but to no avail. It really bugs me!! It's like we have hit a big dead end brick wall! Love and hugs to you sweet friend! xxoo

laura.elizabeth said...

Oh My goodness, that is the CUTEST hair EVER!!!