Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook~July 6, 2011

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So, For Today...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Outside my is still pitch black. I woke up early and once my eyes are wide open there is no going back. So I hear the automatic sprinklers and Jim's shop radio playing very softly outside. It is balmy and warm, not a good sign for the rest of the day! I want to get all my work done very early this morning as I wilt like a hydrangea in the hot sun.

I am thankful for...our calling in the church but yesterday was over the top exhausting. I really need a day with nothing to do. Maybe that day will be Saturday, at least I am hoping.

From the learning room...sometimes the death of a loved one comes as such a blessing when the person has suffered so much and is so tired. On the 4th, my brother, Gary's mother-in-law passed away. She was 84 and for the past 3 years had been struggling with serious health issues that basically kept her housebound. Aunt Jean as we called her, was such an important person in our extended family and more like our own mother than anyone else I can think of. She was gentle and soft spoken and humble, just like mom. My brother was so fortunate to have two such wonderful moms. Her husband of over a half a century, Uncle Tom, has been the most devoted of husbands and has been by her side constantly, serving her to the best of his ability. My thoughts turn to him and their daughters now, as they make the adjustment to being without her for a time. However, I rejoice for her, that she has found peace and rest and freedom from distress of the disabilities she developed due to her illness.

I am screens filled with genealogy sites and other online stuff. I need a fun, relaxing book and time to decide what it will be.

From the kitchen...fresh fruits, veggies, cooking light. We really enjoy simple, nutritious meals in the summer. Salads, light sandwiches, no fuss kind of things. The Farmers' Market is our favorite place to shop in the summer for locally grown, fresh foods and flowers. Summer and fresh flowers just go together.

I am Robert and Laura are doing on their umpteenth time of settling into a new house. Ah, one thing that makes military life so difficult. One nice thing though is every time one moves you simplify and get more organized, etc. They are masters at that at this point in their lives. They are both such hard workers they'll have it done in no time. But sure wish we were there to help them somehow.

I am owl hooting away and some doves. I love early morning sounds, don't you?

Today if I could change one thing...a cure for cancer would be nice.

I am quoting..."Do you know what the word FAMILY stands for? FAMILY = (F)ATHER (A)ND (M)OTHER (I) (L)OVE (Y)OU" I thought this was very cool so wanted to share!

I am make some annual check up appointments today. The old birthday is always a good reminder to get on that sort of thing. Not my favorite pass time but a good idea I suppose.

I am missing...normal. We just have to get back to our regular routine for awhile.

One of my guilty pleasures...the new glassware and dishes we got recently. I am in love with the new glasses. They are so colorful and summery and fun. It makes emptying the dishwasher a pleasure along with having new glassware after years of functional boring ones. Pier One is a dangerous place for glassware. Love that store lately!

Pet Peeves...Rude people behind the wheel. No, just rude people, period!

One of my favorite things...that I kept off the 25 pounds that I lost while on vacation! Woohoo! It is a miracle but I am happy about it! I cannot say enough for the new Weight Watcher program. They have a winner this time.

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...the moldy oldie, French Kiss. So funny and cute and I love, love love, Meg Ryan's hair in it. Kevin Kline is a riot in it too.

I am curious our kids are going to appreciate us coming back to Utah for another week in August and me coming there at the end of the month for a Family History Symposium. Hope we are not wearing out our welcome. I am flying in July but we are driving in August..ahh, maybe the memory of that long, boring drive is too fresh??

A few plans for the rest of the week...manicure, maybe today, bills, more posting on the reunion, a little dusting, making some check-up appointment, getting carpet traffic spots redone tomorrow, Friday a birthday lunch out with my good friend, maybe a later trip into The City that day, Saturday maybe movie with a friend while Jim works at the temple for long hours on the renovations taking place in the next two weeks, and just the usuals. I guess I got my wish...back into normal.

Here is photo and some thoughts I am sharing with you...

The parents...Jim and Bonnie
The kids...Laura, Chris, Jen

I think that no matter how big one's family grows, it is fun and essential to get the original family's picture taken more than once every decade and a half like we have. I realize that it is usually the Mom who makes this sort of thing happen. I wish I had been more mature about this when our kids were growing up to capture the way we were. But I wasn't because I never thought I looked thin enough or that my hair wasn't too goofy, or I didn't have the right thing to wear, or whatever. How silly. We are who we are, in all our earthly imperfections. Oddly, I have never liked pictures of myself, even back in the 50's when I was a child and the media hadn't pushed body image on us full force. I even took one of my school picture from elementary school and scratched out my own picture with a pen. I remember that making my mom really mad! I was maybe a seven year old. Seriously get me to a shrink, huh?

Well, this story has a happy ending. I am getting over it. Blogging has helped me to realize that you have to include your own photos occasionally and I am desensitizing myself to it. As I have stopped looking at me (my imperfections) so much I have realized that those around me in a photo are so much more important to my enjoyment of a photograph. And also that what the photo represents or is depicting is far more important than how I appear in it. Now I don't put just any photo on my blog, but I don't eliminate who I am anymore either. steps. That is how big things happen, right?

Two great blog posts I have enjoyed this week because they were thought provoking and so well written...
The first one is by Marie @ Oak Cottage. The second one is by Delia @ Eve Out of the Garden. Both worth reading!


Marie said...

Thanks for the nod Bonnie. I loved your day book as always. I am sorry to hear about your brother's MIL. Loving the family picture as well. I guess I just love everything you have written here this morning!! And I especially love you! xxoo

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Girly,
Love the picture of you and your family, and it is a great pic of you.
You and laura looks so much alike.
Course, I really see you in all your children, and Jim as well, but guess since Laura has the blonde hair it is even more noticeable.
Will sure be praying for your brother Steve, I know this is a very hard time for him, and the whole family.
Not easy to watch the ones you love suffer, that is for sure! We have been there quite a number of times already, so know first hand.
Wow, bet your Mothers heart is excited that you get to see your kiddos 2 more times this summer.

So is Robert not going to Iraq or was it Afghanistan now?? or is he
getting Laura and the children moved into a new house before he goes??
Hope he is staying.............

Pray for me.........these wedding plans are very tedious and taxing,
I have all these contracts to sign
and trying to make sure everything is included in them before signing,
which is requiring lots of phone calls and emails and questions....
Am hoping to get the first one off today for the Photographer. Then there is the coordinator and the hotel, and now the DJ, Ahhh calgon
take me away!! lol
It is tedious but fun work especially when Dee and I are not conflicting over anything!! lol
Really that has only happened twice in the last 2 months, but is hasn't been fun when it has happened.

Well, chickie,
Have a great day,
Love ya, Nellie

Caroline Craven said...

I can totally relate to not wanting to be in pictures. I have stacks of photo albums with pictures of everyone in them except me. I am usually the one taking pictures, but that is mostly by design and not by default! However, I turned 51 on my last birthday and am starting to wonder what the big deal was - it's not getting any better for me! Feeling the downhill slide big time. I don't think anyone else sees us the way we do. I can always see the goofy little things I don't like about my smile or my nose or something like that, but when I look at your pictures I don't see any imperfections, just the ever elegant Bonnie Mattson.

Sister Susie said... is now the dark of night and sprinkling rain.
THANKFUL...for my time of Bible Study and Prayer with my LORD which sometimes lasts 1-2 hours.
LEARNING..I think it is easier for one to let go of your loved one when you have seen them suffer rather than those that go quickly and you have not had time to spend with them.
READING...backlog of blogs!
(Try to say that 3 times fast, ha!)
KITCHEN...I like the quicker, easier preparation of fresh veggies and fruit than having to stand over the stove and cook!
WONDERING...(Dad being in the service, Navy) how he could compact a 20 ft. aluminum room into the back of his '57 pick-up, hook our 35 ft. trailor to it and "drag" it from Virginia Beach to Key West 2, if not 3 times!! He was stationed back and forth! in the background. Birds are put to bed, dogs are laying all around my feet, and Sara on the table!
CHANGE...the knowledge of just what happened to Caylee Anthony.
QUOTING...that was great. The only one I remember is the word JOY and how you place yourself in it. I think I already said this, but J-JESUS 1st, O-OTHERS 2nd, Y-YOURSELF last. month for mine.
PLEASURE...eating Life Savers!
PET PEEVE...rehibilitation for pit bulls from irresponsible owners. doing lesson plans this summer! I have replaced it with my blog books!
CURIOUS...Why our GOD allows some things to happen that I feel shouldn't. (Yes, I know. "I" should not be in that sentence .)
PLANS...getting my hair done, doing the sound system for church, apointment with my financial advisor, vet appointment for SAM.
Love to you all,