Saturday, July 23, 2011

Take A Girl That Loves Horses...

Laura Ann
And a Large Animal Veterinarian, that has searched the whole world over for his perfect woman....and it is time for a country wedding! This is one of Robert's seven beautiful sisters. I think I have shared before how much we love this family our Laura married into. Laura and Seth were married while we were in Utah and we were so delighted to be invited to their reception up in the high country behind Heber City. We loved being with all of Robert's family and of course with Robert, Laura, Spencer and Ross for this fun event.

Laura Ann has been a single mom for about seven or eight years now and she has raised her two kids and gotten her degree and is now finishing nursing school. Very impressive accomplishments for a young mom. Her children were so happy to be getting this great new Dad and it felt like a family wedding. Both kids seemed so excited about the marriage and their little girl is 12 and cried tears of joy several times that day! That pretty much turned the water works on for me most of the evening.

This is a picture of a picture on the wall at the reception.

The reception was held in the gated community of large ranch estates way up high in the sky in Utah. It was a very private and beautiful place! It was amazing country and a kind of high wilderness terrain I had never seen before. The Reception was held in a big "barn!" Most people that own a barn should be so lucky! It was amazing.

The Barn!

We drove and drove for at least 45 minute behind the gates thinking we would never see it but then around the bend there it was! The dinner they served was really great, a real country barbeque with pork and chicken, corn on the cob, lots of salads and breads and baked beans. They served the dinner from a buffet and the plates were pie tins. It was really darling the way they did the whole thing. They had a great country band and dancing and this was the dessert table.

Home made pies, some of them by the bride herself!

A beautiful picture sitting on the gift table.
She is such a beauty and so elegant!

~And Laura and Seth~
May Your New Family Live Happily Forever After!

On Their Beautiful Wedding Day!

We felt so much joy and thought our photo captured it.

It would have been fitting to see them
gallop off into the sunset!

And if I 'm not mistaken, Laura had on
her cowgirl boots under her bridal gown!


Julie Harward said...

She is a beauty and he is one handsome man...God bless them and their marriage. :D