Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sundancing ~ Reunion Part 6

Spencer and Connor hiking up the trail.
Since the days these boys were born about 7 months apart
I have envisioned this very thing.
Sometimes I wondered
if it would ever be...
the two of them side by side.
God is good, dreams do come true.

Tuesday we started the day with every family's morning routine...getting ready for the day and breakfast. Then came the morning hike which several enjoyed again. Grampa changes up the route and it was new all over again. During the hike some stayed behind to iron clothes for the family picture taking session at 6:00 pm, work on our crafting projects, or just take life easy.

By mid-morning the Lego Challenge headed up by our chief mechanical engineer, Uncle Chris, got rolling on the upstairs balcony.

Wow! Who bought and brought all of those Legos?
(Chris you don't have to raise your hand!)

The challenge as I understand it, was each person or team of people was to make a catapult from all the pieces lying on the carpet here. All the dads became involved in this and they had quite a lot of fun helping the kids and spending this time on the third floor. Actually I never did even see them doing this as I was frantically working on my banner. But I could hear them and it sounded like a lot of fun.

Uncle Robert with his catapult!

The challenge was met quite handily and the catapults worked very well. Later that night they each demonstrated their machines and it was really neat. I am so happy to be surrounded by men, boys, girls and women that are mechanical...they help me through life every single day. Jim says I have trouble opening a door with a key and he is 100% right. Being a lefty the whole world seems backwards to me.


By now you have probably been able to see we are not exactly the 'go with the flow' types, right? Plan, plan plan, it's how we roll. Spontaneous R Us... does not apply. But, on this particular day at around noon, for reasons of none other than~ pure joy~something magical happened. We had a spontaneous Sundance right in the living room.

Lowell had been working on editing the film fest movies and the next thing we knew this really fun, music that was perfect for dancing came on through the speakers of the big screen TV. Jen got that wild look in her eyes, as only she can....and started rocking out.

One by one everyone (well almost, Robert!) popped up and started dancing. It was so incredibly fun and funny...I need a video clip but stills will have to do. Chris actually did video it but Laura has threatened me within an inch of my stills it is. I want to live on in hopes this will happen at our next reunion! Although planning it just wouldn't work.

Mamma Mia...yep, it was like the Dancing Queen scenes in the movie. Jen was our Donna! Whatever one was doing got dropped in mid-air and the dancing blossomed into something beyond anything that could ever be planned. It reminded me of a Flash Mob!

Now I know there are times when Lowell, Missy and Robert wonder what they ever got themselves into when they said the LDS version of, I Do. They all come from such classy, dignified families. Most of the time we can fake that to some minute degree, but once in a blue moon there are no holds barred for this family. Here is the first song on the play list.

I couldn't think of any other way to share the music than YouTube. I had never heard it before in my life but it was pretty catchy! Fortunately the lyrics are clean and uncomplicated unless I am missing something here! LOL! You can just listen to the music if you want to as you scroll through the stills. Disclaimer: Not responsible for you jumping up and putting yo hands in the air!

Laura wore a skirt, she must have known
don't you think?

Spencer gets on down!

Uncle Chris doing his famous step~the rain-bird.
This was beyond hilarious.

Hold your foot up at a right angle behind you with your right hand. Extend your left arm straight out in front of you. Rotate in a jerky motion in circles with a goofy look on your face. Slay your family with copious amounts laughter and tears running down their cheeks.

A little hokey pokey,
or is the the bunny hop appeared in the mix!

A little Dixieland "Saints Go Marchin In"
kind of a move as we
bopped around the kitchen island.

Connor and Spencer really had the moves!

Put yo hands up in the air!

Hazie loves to dance!

Julia with that old familiar
Haight Ashbury look in her eyes!

Now the boys are really Gettin' Down!

Hey, Spontaneous R Us...After All. WooHoo!

But don't worry it is not a new trend. I seriously tried to think of the last time Jim and I did something totally crazy and spontaneous. I think it was 1969 when we decided after dinner to drive from our apartment in San Francisco to Lake Tahoe for the night. We landed up sleeping in our VW room in the Inns or maybe we just didn't have two nickles to rub together. Oh, did I mention it was snowing in the parking lot where we slept? Didn't think to bring coats or a blanket. In fact didn't do much thinking about it at all. It wasn't the best idea we ever had. In fact, it may be the very thing that squelched our spontaneity right out of us. And it may have had a rebirth while Sundancing! So much fun!

PS. One of the funniest things about this was that Uncle Robert kind of slipped up to the third floor when this got started. When it was time for lunch we wanted to flash mob him right when he got in the middle of the group with the music and start over. Problem was we forgot to tell Lowell and he had already unhooked the music.

I couldn't resist teasing Robert a little about where he was. He replied he watched the whole thing from upstairs. We didn't see him once...he must have had a periscope or something useful like that up there. Too funny...Love you sweet, Robert!

** For those of you viewing this via subscription, you may want to see it on the actual blog to listen to the YouTube music.


sistersusiesays said...

LOOK at that cloud by the mountain top! Is that why is't snowing, (ha!)

My dear! I can only imagine the cost of all of those legos! How far did Robert's catapult toss the watermelon? Hee hee!

Great song! It had me dancing in my chair!

What a great family time!
Love to you all,

laura.elizabeth said...

This may have been my favorite time at the reunion. It was so spontaneous and free. Everyone was so comfortable (okay except Robert). It was just so fun! Loved every minute. Every minute until I realized Chris was recording. Mama Mia. Thanks for not sharing footage. Maybe some day.

Julie Harward said...

There is nothing like family is there?! A bunch of nuts where you can just let your hair down and be C R A Z Y!!! How fun to see you all playing and not glued to a TV!
My cake stand is metal with the heavy glass, I got mine in Nauvoo. I bought a bakery cake, set it on the counter for 2 months or more and just let it dry out and go hard...looks real pretty in it's dome! LOL

Marie Rayner said...

What a perfectly fabulous time you have had with your family Bonnie. Loved the song. I wish so much that I could do something like this with my family. It is the kind of thing we did do when they were growing up, with all of the extended family, at Christmas and other holidays. I am stuck on the periphery now watching from afar. I know that they still have moments like this, but I am not included these days. There are too many wounds. We are keeping your brother in our prayers and are glad to hear the chemo is going well. Love and hugs to you dear friend. xxoo