Sunday, September 25, 2011

Copper and Autumn Belong Together!

My kind of DIY craft & tutorial!
I'm Hooked!

Go to Walmart
Buy some cheap, fake, ugly, mini pumpkins
for $1.00...near the 47 aisles of costumes and candy.

Go to JoAnn's and buy a can of copper
spray paint behind the locked cabinet doors.

Spray the pumpkins, or better yet
have your awesome hubby do it!

From Crass to Class in 120 seconds!
They really are pretty...

It would be fabulous on walnuts, pods or pine cones also!

Enjoy in numerous ways.

If you want some but don't want to store them...
buy the real mini ones at the grocery store and toss
after the autumn festivities.

They would make great place markers at Thanksgiving.
Just prop a cute little name tag against the stem.

Most of the different shapes they have @Walmart

In case you can stop over for dinner!
Click Click for a closer look...

I promise our walls are NOT lime green,
not sure why they are coming out
this way with our camera!


Sister Susie said...

Now, are those pumpkins real or ceramic? If real, how long do they last after you paint them before they crumble from within? If not real, where do you find them for just a dollar!!! That would be some great crafts for kids to do....uh maybe not (spray paint!)

Love to you all,