Monday, September 12, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook~September 13, 2011

Just For Today...Monday, September 5, 2011

As my friend Marie's says about writing a daybook post or reading one," It is like sitting down together for a chat over tea."

Outside my window...the sun is just setting and it is Monday night. I am just waiting for Jim to get home so we can have dinner and start winding down this day. I wanted to get an early start on this post as tomorrow is busy. It has been a very pleasant day outside. Not too hot, just right. Fall is definitely in the air and the days are getting significantly shorter in just the last few weeks. We have had the perfect summer, I only missed having A/C a couple of times.

I am thankful for...each and everyone of you that have been praying for my brother consistently and those of you that just started. You are the true friends that make up my life. I have learned a lot from you about prayer and consistency in caring for others. You have always been there for our little Hazie as well. There just are no words that express our appreciation enough except that I love each of you so much!

Steve got through today, now just 4 more. Our little Hazie is doing so much better! You can expect a post about her on Wednesday with photos that will assure you she is better and a happy little angel. She is a little person that always needs prayers though as she has a tough road ahead with many surgeries and lots of trials and she always has breathing issues that make life hard. But she has the spirit and determination of a giant and she is constantly encircled in the arms of much love.

From the learning room...sometimes when there are many ways of doing something we think we have to reinvent the wheel with our limited understanding...for me that is genealogy in a nutshell. I want to do trig and I am still at the long division level of my understanding.

I want to have a more analytical mind for it but I work out of the other side of my brain. I have a couple of most admired mentors that hold such an incredibly high standard, one I can barely comprehend. I just want to be Stephen or Marge but alas, no. The price they have paid for what they have learned is so immense. I don't have enough earth life left for it if I live to be 90 and retain my wits!

So I just embrace them and honor them and and learn from them and then plod along at my own snail's pace. The other thing I am doing is just staying with the basics until I am ready for the trig. I just want a piece of their minds, their
understanding, their abilities to rub off on me. I adore them for being patient with me as I struggle along.

I am reading..."What The Scriptures Teach Us About Adversity" by S. Michael Wilcox, "Abraham Lincoln, God's Humble Servant" by Ron Anderson and "Rutka's Notebook" (The Polish Anne Frank.) The first two books we bought at Education Week after hearing the most amazing lectures by the authors and the last book was given to me, by Stephen when we had lunch together with our spouses at Ed Week. I could be on these books for quite some time for the amount of effort it takes to find time to just sit and read a book.

From the kitchen...We are still in our summer mode of eating fresh fruits and veggies from the Farmers' Market. Sure hate to see that end soon. The market goes on all year in our town but the other seasons just cannot compare. I have been making a fun salad or two lately and sandwiches, mostly tomato and Jim is always stirring up something great in the kitchen. He loves to cook and create fun things and who am I to discourage his play time in there, right?

Here's is the beautiful lunch he made
for us one day a few weeks ago.

I am wondering...if Spencer is having fun at his week long field trip to an outdoor learning center and camp grounds in New Hampshire with his seventh grade classmates. His school has 17 seventh graders only. Heavenly! With his food allergy issues this is a big step for them all. I hope he loves every minute of it and that he will be safe. The camp is nut free so that is a big load off of our minds. And they also have medical personnel onsite. So all will be well.
I am missing...BYU, I just love that learning environment there. It is the best.
I am hearing...Silver Morning~ Kenny Rankin. Beautiful music silenced by his premature death not long ago. I do love his voice, once described as a human instrument. A serious loss and I am so happy his music has been preserved for us to enjoy now.
I am wearing...well since it is Tuesday morning now, PJs but I must get dressed soon and get on with this very long day of busyness. I get dressed for work early on Tuesday and never stop running until 10:00 pm.

I am quoting..."If it is true that Jesus will never leave me or forsake me (Joshua 1:5), if He died on the cross suffering every pain and tragedy in my place (Isaiah 53:4-6), or if I need to know that there is one who understands my circumstances (Hebrews 4:14-15), then I can meditate on these things. And if that doesn’t seem to be enough, I can think about other promises from His Word : that He will give strength and grace when I need it (Psalm 18:1-3), that above all others He is in control (Psalm 147:4-5 ), and He loves me wildly and deeply (Zephaniah 3:17). Oh how I need to remember these truths when I walk through trials and hardships! If I dwell on Him a little bit longer, His sweetness will break through any bitterness." Melody Day

Something that made me especially happy this week...Seeing Hazel in a little video that Jen took while she was doing her physical therapy. So cute and I am trying to figure out how to put it on the blog so you can see it too. And running into my sweet friend, Lee, at the nail salon yesterday. We just randomly arrived at the same time so we got to talk for an hour in English which is rarely heard in there. There is a married couple that owns the shop and he does my nails and she does Lee's so we got to sit right next to each other~sweet!

I am finish this in just a few minutes so I can get going.

One of my guilty pleasures...oh, there are so many. The older I get the better I get at enjoying my life. I guess before this I was just too focused on the essentials of getting through the days with work, kids, mom, etc. and lots of deadlines and the big time crunch always. Now I can stop and smell the roses. I am in love with that!
Pet Peeves...when I buy a watermelon and sometimes it is mealy and the texture is awful. Argh! But when you get a good one it is heavenly. Worth the gamble I guess! All that thumping people do...does it really matter? When it come to watermelons it seems to be a grab bag kind of thing.
One of my favorite things...mornings. I adore morning. That crisp new feeling that the day losses at about 10:00 am. Before that there is that certain little magic in the air. It is so tangible and when it leaves I feel it. Do you?
An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...Just finishing up North and South about the civil war. I cannot understand that war or any war where the soldiers stand in two lines and march in rows towards each other to their certain death or maiming. It occurred to me while watching it that it is not unlike a football game. Seriously who does that willingly? I do not get it at all.
I am curious about...what the Lord has in store for us. We are open and willing and listening. We'll see!

If I could change one thing it would be....that everyone would be healthy and fit! Feeling well is so important to everything we do or can do. I am thankful for the gift of health and getting healthier. I wish everyone could have that.

A few plans for the rest of the week...WW meeting this morning, work, hair appointment tomorrow and writing and family history work, usual house work, scanning old photos, letters, hopefully doing something with a friend towards the weekend...just the usuals and hopefully a get away with James on Thursday for a few hours.
Here is a photo and some thoughts I am sharing with you...
This is our nephew Scott and we are so proud of his accomplishments as a jazz musician in NYC. He plays several instruments but his favorite is the bass. He has recently recorded an album and is about to tour internationally with a couple of groups, a quartet and a trio. If you are interested in classy jazz check out his website @

There is a great video of a piece they did under the media tab. It could not happen to a nicer guy! Love you Scottie! We are so proud of your notable accomplishments!


Sister Susie said...

OUTSIDE...We have had our first cool evening since summer began (in May at that!)
THANKFUL...for your love of Christ that shows to little Hazie! Christ in you gives her, her strength! I will pray for her everyday as I also do for your brother, Steve. Christ's Love will also be felt by him as we all pray to our Awesome GOD for His Healing of Steve!
LEARNING ROOM...We are who we are because GOD made us who we are! I'm so thankful the Holy Spirit continues to teach me more each day even though my minute brain can only understand so much on this side of Life Eternal.
READING...(Response to your book) If it were left up to me, I wouldn't face adversity! But, it's not left up to me! I keep reading, as well as listening to different pastors teach that through adversity we become stronger in Christ. My prayer has always been that I not ever come under the adversity Job came under! I would never deny my GOD, but I don't think I could ever last as Job did!
KITCHEN...I love making a "succotash" of all kinds of vegetables: cabbage (green and purple), onion, string beans, peas, corn, summer squash, zuchini, turnip greens, red pepper, carrots, red potatoes, lima beans, tomatoes! As I cook it all up, I use the seasoning of Sicily blend! Yum, yum for the tum, tum!
WONDERING...No more of what's going on at school in the classroom! I have broken the cord! new Bible Class that is held on Wednesday mornings at church! I can hardly wait for tomorrow!
HEARING...the roaring of my laptop's motor and my fan!! know, ha!
QUOTING..."When wealth is gone, little is lost; when health is gone, something is lost; but when character is gone, all is lost!" Daily Bread 9/13/11
HAPPY...that I have friends as you who shares so much the loving direction we should be going! finish my cooking as soon as I am finished with your blog!
GUILTY PLEASURES...Amen to your blog! I am learning more each day to leg go of my passed life of work, work, work; and start enjoying life which the LORD has now set before me!
PET PEEVE...buying already cut up fruit! You can usually see the over or under ripe fruit. Most of the time all of it tastes great! (Watermelon too!)
FAVORITE...8:00 a.m. because I am home now, not work! (Is my brain in a certain gear I can't get out of, HA!)
MOVIE...I always thought the same thing about boxing, kick fighting, and all the other brutality that MEN do to each other!
CURIOUS...trying to be "in the world" but "not of the world!"
CHANGE...that Adam and Eve would not have sinned, then we all would be in that perfect Love of our GOD!
REST OF WEEK...Ladies Bible study tomorrow, Dr. appt. Thurs., and meeting with friends on Saturday. I'm waiting to see if I have the sound booth on Sunday.

Congratulationd, Scottie!

Love to you and your, Bonnie.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Good morning my sweet friend...

I'm going to put a note on my fridge to remember to pray for Steve. I'm so sorry he is going through this battle.... As you know Hazie is always in my prayers.... what a connection I feel to that little one.

I so wish you lived closer, so I could bump into you at the nail salon... oh, that's right, I don't HAVE any fingernails. :-) It's always pretty pathetic, but right now I've been stripping furniture and it's gone from bad to worse. I think they should bring nice white gloves back. :-)

I actually just learned about a center here where you can go research your genealogy. I've done what I can online, which isn't much without buying a subscription to Ancestry,com or one of the other sites. I asked my Mum lots of questions over the years, but I so wish I had gotten more information, and all the rest of the family is gone now except for one uncle.

Sending you huge hugs dear one...