Thursday, September 22, 2011

We Are Forever Friends!

I am will be the one in the green dress, and you?

I know we are all much more glamorous than this but I thought this picture was so cute. I love you all and embrace Womanhood and Girl Power with all my heart! And for you male readers...I am sharing the love with you today too! Thank you for stopping by to see what is up over here. I always appreciate your visits! Stay healthy about 40 years we are gonna look like these old babes! But not yet though...not yet by a long shot!

The way we are really under our much more modest clothing!


Julie Harward said...

LOL I must like surely must be me in the purple! ;D

Sister Susie said...

The yellow dress "fits" me, literally, ha!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hello Sweetie,
guess I might be the one next to you on the left, since she has straight hair!! lol
I prefer the bottom pic much more I have to say!! But as you say we will all get there, lol but then maybe the Lord will come and get us before we do!! you can always hope, right!! lol

Loved all the pics of Anslyee, she is just a beautiful lil doll. So cute and know you are very proud of her, as you should be. Loved the pics of her and Chris! So cute.

Hope you are well, I was feeling pretty punk yesterday but seem to be better today so far so good.
I missed bible study tho, so was sorta bummed but my throat is still not quite right and I am still a lil achy so decided not to go infect anyone else, especially since they are in their 70 and 80's.
Don't need that for sure!

Love ya Sweetie, and so happy you are enjoying your goodies!