Friday, September 30, 2011

Kids Are A Crack-Up!

Precious Stuff!

I have started a new quote section on my sidebar for the funny things the grand kids say and do. This is what prompted it.

Laura posts on FaceBook the following: So I asked Spencer, "Do you know who Justin Bieber is?" He said, "I don't think so, Mom. Why? Does he go to my school or something?" I laughed. Then I cried. Oh the sheltered life we live."

Two minutes later I go to Jen's FaceBook where she has posted various photos of her girls. I find this among them...Julia standing by a Justin Bieber life size cut out and looking rather pleased with herself being in such close proximity to the Beib!!

This little girl is too young to have this much
glee on her face! She's eleven, barely.
Heaven help us keep her safe!
I'm not ready for her to give
up her childhood yet!

So I added this for Spencer..."Don't worry Spencer, we figured it out! Justin Bieber goes to Jewel's school!" I didn't want poor Spence to keep on wondering who and where this guy was or why it mattered. And that in a nut shell is the difference between preteen boys and girls! Gotta love it!

Now we are all in the know! Here's Justin Bieber!
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Sister Susie said...

I guess I have become as mom and dad were when I was a kid. They didn't know who my singers were (Dave Clark Five, one of my favorites) and I today have no idea of those the youth like! What goes around, comes around, ha!
Love to you all,

LA Adams said...

Now this is nice! Of course having a 13 year old, I've kinda heard about Justin too. I love the idea of quotes from kids! "They say the darnest things"

margaret said...

I'm with Spencer on this one :) but I'm old enough to be his grandma too so I don't feel too bad.

Bonnie, on a totally unrelated subject, my friend has a recipe for cheeseball which I don't think sounds half as good as the one you posted but I can't find now. Can you tell me where it is? Thank you :)