Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Cheese Ball Goes International!

For you, Margaret!
Verona, ah, I always think of you and then Verona!
And then felines and Mr. Bingley!
I know that makes no sense to anyone else
but maybe they'll like the Cheese Ball!

You will not believe this but my friend in Edinburgh, Scotland has requested this recipe! Moi? The person who ran out of ideas about food a few years back! I feel motivated to get with cooking again now! Just kidding!

Usually I post it around the holidays but Margaret needs it now, so here it is! Obviously you can make it for any occasion...just change your spreader to a pumpkin or something!

Here is what I wrote about it a few years ago at Christmas!
I cannot believe Margaret remembered it..bless that girl!
She made me feel so special today! (Smiling)

So, there is just no good name for a cheese ball. Seriously, think about it. If you can think of one for this recipe~let me know. It is made with Blue Cheese and Blue Cheese Cheese Ball doesn't cut it, in the best of all worlds. Instead of 'name that tune' we can play 'name that cheese ball!' Wanna play?

I have concocted this recipe. Barbara & I have made it over the years for parties and small gifts. We both do make it a lot for various gatherings around the holidays. Even people that are not crazy about blue cheese love this. We were looking for a cheese ball that was colorful and Christmasy and delicious. You know how they are normally boring looking with no color and just rolled in nuts? Not this one, it just screams Christmas!

We think we have a winner here. Some people even invite us to their gatherings on the condition we bring this! It takes a little time (especially if you are photographing it) but is easy and I like that part. I am not into a bunch of labor intensive cooking. What I do love is cooking with my hubby, he is a natural in the kitchen. Lucky me! He says food talks to him...OK, so he is a little wacko! (Food has never talked to me except to discuss which part of my body it would like to attach itself to permanently!)

Tomorrow is our big family dinner for our relatives that live in our area, so Jim and I are cooking up a storm. Speaking of wacko, it's Official~ I am totally wacko about blogging about food! I have discovered it is fun to cook, photograph and to stage the food. It is 10 times more fun that just cooking! Multi-tasking lives on!

Hmmm, people do not always sell their houses but...everybody eats. Maybe I can dabble in a new facet of design for me to supplement the mad money. Actually I am pretty much kidding because these photos need much improvement but we had a lot of fun cooking and shooting the process.

Chop up some green onions

Chop up some Craisins or dried cranberries
if you prefer calling them that

Chop up some Walnuts

This is enough for four cheese balls.
Four bricks of softened cream cheese,
a bunch
of blue cheese,
(I am not into exact measurements, sorry!)
Craisins, green onions, nuts
and some garlic salt~
because everything
that isn't sweet need garlic!
I put in in a big mixing bowl and start mixing it together.
Every time I start with a big spoon but soon
find it works
best to mix it all by hand and shape into balls. Thus the name...cheese balls. Brilliant!

Here are the 4 cheese balls I varied the sizes for different purposes;
parties, gifts, or whatever

I put my wedding rings on the cutting board
to remind you to remove them
as it is no fun getting the cheese
out of the rings
if you forget

Stab it with a cute Christmas Spreader~Fini~

Here I staged the food for you..
I had to put all these crackers back in the box afterword!
A little Pomegranate Sparkling Cider is nice with it!
Try It, You'll Like It!


Marie said...

Oh my, that looks very scrummy indeed Bonnie! Must give this a go, on a small scale of course! We would never get through more than one ball! I love blue cheese though!

margaret said...

Thank you, Bonnie! This sounds much, much nicer than the other recipe we have. Will make it for church next week and tell you how it goes down :)

LA Adams said...

Good job Bonnie - the staging and photography was nice! Go for it! I'll try anything you blog at least once. Jeffrey likes Bleu Cheese so maybe this will be a winner too. Thanks!

Sister Susie said...

My, where do you find the time to do all the things that you do! The cheese balls sound delicious!

I'll have to try out your recipe!

Love to you and yours,

mandy* said...

I've watched my mom make this cheese ball a million times. Ha ha - I always assumed she made up the recipe. :o) Many of my mom's friends/family members are extremely happy you've created such a yummy cheese ball.