Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Changing It Up For Autumn

The Back Porch
Where All Good Friends Enter!
(I don't think we even have a key to our front door.)

The only thing I bought this year...The Black Crows

Pears, not really Fall-ish I guess, I just like them!

Do You like my witch's broom?
What is Halloween without a black cat?

The Dining Room Mantel

I did some bowls of this kind of thing~
not too big on Halloween perse!

I do have a few things in that
department for the kids though!

A few little things added in the bathroom for fun!
This guy look a little "Carnival" for our Italian Bath.
If I was really clever I'd make him a little black mask!

This little guy needed a tiny pumpkin
and probably some clothes!
This hangs on the pillar between
the two big windows over the tub.

An Acorn for the soaking tub tray.

~Safe Halloween Candy~
You eat die, it's glass!

The cheapo Pumpkins we spray painted copper!

Fun fake candy and acorns!

I have these on an antique marble top chest
in our bedroom. They are ceramic leaves.

Pumpkins on the hearth in the dining room.

Hall tree in the backdoor entry way.
~Would love to have you come by~
It's not spooky, I promise!


Sister Susie said...

What a beautiful picture story of Autumn! I especially like the candy dish, ha!
Love to you and yours,

laura.elizabeth said...

Oooo- I love the crows and the sparkle jack-o-lantern on a plate. I love the glass candies too. I haven't seen the fake candy corn before either- I love it! I wish I was a better decorator for the holidays. The truth is I just can't bring myself to get everything out and change it all up again now that we have finally gotten settled. Selfish, I know. And I am afraid the boys are really missing out becasue of it.