Tuesday, October 18, 2011

God In Real Life

There is beauty all around!

Traveling down these roads last Fall in New Hampshire was pure joy. Trees, trees, trees! It was like climbing inside the most beautiful paintings one right after another. It was like being inside a snow globe with no snow, just being completely surrounded and swallowed up in it. You hardly knew where to look first. It was distractingly beautiful to the point you could barely focus on taking pictures. But you knew you had to, lest you'd one day forget. Most of the time we were speechless...well except for Rossie! It was the most peaceful and serene place I have ever been. I hope heaven looks just like this.

There just are no words to give voice to it...

My wish for all of you is that you
can come and walk here someday.

That your parents, children and grandchildren
or someone who is a part of you
may enjoy this with you.

That your eyes will be able to soak it all in.

That you can cross over this bridge and...

Watch your little boys and girls
throw rocks here into the river.

That your ears can hear the rushing
waters of this mighty river.

That your senses can be awakened
by the glorious c
olors of God's creations.

That you can set your table here and enjoy
a simple picnic in this kind of ambiance.

That there may be a solitary moment
for you to enjoy the
reverence for
Our Creator
and the Majesty of His Handiwork.

That you can perceive the beauty around you,
even in the mundane things...
like I felt in this parking lot
while waiting for the others.

That your heart feels like bursting
so that you
cannot contain your thanksgiving
the simple things in life.

That you feel lighted-headed with happiness
at your every blessing from a Loving Father.

That you know there is always beauty
Outside of the darkness you are bridging.
Seeking the light,
Just look out of that tunnel window to find it,
Like two big kisses on your cheeks.

So that you feel enfolded
in the arms of His love.

That the path is seared into your heart
and mind for as long as you live.

That you will always have
the memory and
to cherish it
and the mind to bring it back to you
when you need it.

That you can fully embrace it with some of
your most beloved on the earth.

That your testimony of the reality of God
will make you happy and that your faith
will never falter because of the evidence
there is all around you.
That at every turn you will know
He is there.
That He loves you,
and that He is over all.

If I could have one wish for you today...
This would be it. B


laura.elizabeth said...

That was a great trip!

Caroline Craven said...

We are leaving for New England tomorrow and I am so excited! I loved the links you sent me through email and LOVE this post - it got me even more excited. To the point that I'm not having as much anxiety about leaving three of my kids home. I hate leaving my kids. Was this family who lost their mother someone I know from Conc. II Ward? And, I can't wait to get home and make this Halloween trail mix. I'm in a hiking group with about 3 other women. We go hiking every Wednesday morning and this will be perfect for the hikes. Thanks for everything!

LA Adams said...

Amen to all of the Bonnie! Fantastic

Sister Susie said...

I bet the colors are gorgeous in person. Florida doesn't have too many color changes. Our oak trees lose their leaves in spring replacing with new limey green leaves that quickly turn to dark green.

Love to you and yours,