Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook~October 5, 2011

Just For Today...Wednesday, October 5, 2011

As my friend Marie's says about writing a daybook post or reading one," It is like sitting down together for a chat over tea."

Outside my is sunny with wispy, snow white clouds and a gentle breeze today. It is 11:00 am and I have been writing all morning. A short history of Jim's grandfather has been started to help my genealogy teacher and dear friend with his research.

I am thankful for...God's answers to our pleadings and comfort that His answers have brought this couple of weeks for all of us. We are so blessed and happy that Steve is well! When he went to the doctor this week his doctor said that he not just in remission, he actually used the word cured! The summer has been rough for Steve but now things are looking very rosy! And he is finally feeling a little better too. Everyday he sees improvement.

From the learning small and simple things great things are brought to pass. A little here, a little there and soon you realize you are actually moving forward. This is my mantra as I continue to learn this very challenging subject of genealogy and family history. I chase away thoughts like, "It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks" with it. I will learn this. And I will learn to balance my life in such away that it does not exhaust me. I will learn that I am not required to run faster than I am able. When is the question?

I Am Reading...
"Rutka's Notebook" (The Polish Anne Frank.) And The Secret Code of Success by Noah St. John. One page at a time I might add. I just cannot seem to sit still with a book right now.

From the kitchen...the oven is still not repaired so we made spaghetti sauce the other night for dinner tonight. My brother is finally well enough to come and have dinner, we are excited so see them in a relaxed social setting with no worries for the first time in months. We are celebrating God's mercy in our lives.

I am will be like to send Robert off to the middle east in a few weeks. Still not going there but it is creeping in I have to admit. God bless our military personnel who risk all for the freedoms we enjoy. Let us never take it for granted.

I am missing...All our peeps, far away friends and family. Those still here on the earth and those than have gone on to better things.

I am hearing...Caruso by Pavarotti. I am on a classical music kick right now. I love this song with all my heart. I was so sad when this heaven sent artist died. At the time I read his biography and have thought to find it in our library, dust it off and reread it. Oh, to have a voice of that quality!

I am wearing...Golly, something beside pajamas for a change. A pair of dark blue jeans, a
patterned rust and blue shirt and a light rust kind of a flowing vest that goes with it. One of my favorite things in my new smaller size! Woohoo!

I am quoting... "I had never been around such gregarious people nor been hugged so much in my life. I was like a sponge just basking in it. Now I cannot imagine life without hugs! I immediately taught this to my family as well and it has changed our family dynamics considerably to this day. They taught me pretty much everything I know (aside from the Church) about the importance of the extended family in our lives. They taught me that love was to be given, expressed in a variety of ways, including verbally and shared frequently~what a gift." Captured from a personal journal.

Somethings that made me especially happy this week...Jim started feeling better after cracking a rib, some great music, videos and letters, learning how to do something on the PC half way. Now next week I will tackle the rest of it. Going through old files on our genealogy and finding special things that had been saved. Just like Christmas seeing them again.

I am go to Walnut Creek to sign some documents in a little while and then taking a nap before Steve and Emmy come to dinner. Loving this relaxing day today after much fatigue yesterday and a good night's sleep. Feeling happy and refreshed and like the big stone is rolling forward in my pursuits today.

One of my guilty pleasures...Taking a nap on a rainy day in the family room with the fireplace going and my blankie. I am going to do it the minute I finish this post.

Pet Peeves...rude drivers, (have I mentioned this before?) in fact, rude people in general. Where has civility gone? It is no where around these parts, that is for sure.

One of my favorite things...people who are not afraid to express their tender feelings towards one another because there is trust that their heart will be handled with care.

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...A Woman Named Golda. This movie is about Golda Meir and is excellent, informative and touching. Jim and I both enjoyed it very much!

I am curious about...why time just will not slow down for a nano second. How can tomorrow be Thursday, it was just Sunday.

If I could change one thing it would be....that everyone that has family and friends with cancer would get the kind of news we did this month.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Eye appointment tomorrow morning and then Jim and I are taking Lowell's Aunt Zona out to lunch. She has been collecting little treasures for our granddaughters and we are the depository, as she has a very small place in an elder care facility. Friday meeting with my friends in the morning and then I plan to play...not sure what but I have got to get away from the keyboard and screen and just get outside, go shopping or something fun. Then date night with movie and popcorn. Saturday, absolutely no idea. Sunday church and a violin concert by Jenny Oaks Baker.

Here is are some photos and some thoughts I am sharing with you...

New Hampshire
This is where we were this time last year.
Oh, I do want to be there right this minute.
I am letting the photos transport me to a
place far more beautiful than
words or photos can express.

I want this little house to be our
get away place in New Hampshire.

Anyone what to rent it the other 11 months of the year?
You would love it, I promise.

Four sources of my purest joy!

Three sources of my pure joy and a
bobble head that came out of the thicket!


Sister Susie said...

I always look so forward to your Woman's Daybook!
OUTSIDE...there was just a short rain shower. It also brought in some cooler air. What nice weather it is when fall gets to Florida!
THANKFUL...I'm so thankful for GOD's answers to prayer. Along with Steve's healing of cancer, I can also add my friends healing of cancer too! That being Al and Alicia!
LEARNING ROOM...Nellie had a great tip for house cleaning (on my e-mail.) Knowing I have a big house and it's just me to do the cleaning, it was a great help!
READING...How to correct my problem of forwarding an e-mail to to many addresses at once! I could receive mail, but writing, replying, or forwarding had shut down!! I am so glad it is now corrected!! is bare! I'vee got to go shopping tomorrow! I meant to stop by today after my Wednesday Morning Ladies Bible Study.
WONDERING...Amen to your statement. Adam and Eve must have had no understanding of the consequences their acts would bring to the entire human race.
MISSING...daily growing in the LORD surely brings more longing to be with Him and the joy we now can't realize.
HEARING...about the mishap that has ocurred during the filming of a reality show that brought about the death of a young child.
QUOTE..."Extended family is all I have." By Susan find out my brother's fall off a ladder was no worse than scratches (Praise the LORD!) be video taping along with others, my church's Fall Festival this Saturday. We usually have about 2000 people who come to it!
PLEASURE...Doing the same as I think of those at school who are working.
PET keep criminals in jail and not chastise those that are keeping the laws.
FAVORITE...when loved ones can share feelings and come out loving one another even more.
MOVIE...It's not a movie, but it is my favorite show...Marc Marrone's Pet sharing on PBS. He has so many animals! I can't believe how all of these different animals are all together and getting along; birds of all kinds, cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, iguanas, snakes, turtles..........
CHANGE...that there were no disease at all, but that will come later!
PLANS...Get my hair colored, Oct. Fest, sound system, Grace to groomer, grocery shopping.
Love to you and yours,

LA Adams said...

Sorry about Jim's cracked rib. Your pictures are colorful and fun! I'm so glad you are seeing the tender mercies of the Lord. Life is sweet!

Caroline Craven said...

I was just scrolling through your blogs that I have missed over the past few days. First of all, didn't you just love Elder Uchdorf's talk at the RS meeting. I was very much tuned in to what he was saying, but when he started to bare his testimony towards the end, the feeling in the entire room changed. It was electrifying and humbling at the same moment. I loved it.

I am so, so happy to hear that things have gone so well for Steve. Congratulations and much happiness to all of you. I hope your celebrations were over the top. Beating cancer is no easy task and anyone who does it deserves a huge party in their honor!

Your pictures of New England are getting me so excited for our trip. We are leaving the 20th and Nicki and I just can't stop buzzing to each other about it. We are planning a day to go apple picking then go home and make a fabu apple pie. Too bad McKay and Kent aren't especially fond of apple pies. Just more for me and Nicki I guess(like I need more of anything besides money and time).

Last of all, my RS dinner party was tonight and I'm glad its over. I did get my door painted, I did get my Valentine's decos down and my fall stuff up, I even got the carpets cleaned. Whew! I was going to do a pasta dish, then at the last minute changed my mind and did a fondue party instead. It was fun. I hope your party was also fun. Now I am going to relax for a day with my feet up. I started the whole house transformation on Friday and was just finishing it up this afternoon - it was a lot of work but my house is immaculate (for now at least) and I am just going to sit and enjoy it for a day or two.

Marie said...

Bonnie, I loved your daybook as always. It IS just like sitting down with a good friend for a nice long chat! I am ever so pleased about the news of your Brother. How very wonderful and what a blessed answer to prayers. We will now have to uphold Robert in our prayers and pray for his safety in all ways. I wish I could be there to enjoy your spaghetti dinner! I am sure it was lovely!! Love and hugs from sunny but a bit cooler England! xxoo