Friday, October 7, 2011

The Wheelchair

The Wheelchair
When you see a tiny girl
That cannot walk at all,
Do you ever wonder what life holds?
Or how her blessings will unfold?

She won’t be going dancing,
Or climbing up the stairs…
Do you think about how life would be,
Spending most of it in chairs?

Do you wonder when the time is right,
What she will be told?
Do you wonder how she'll cope
While she’s growing old?

Do you think about her parents
And what they have to do?
Do you pass them by
With a prayer of thanks,
Because it isn’t you?

Do you think about the other kids
And how they learn to cope
With thoughts their baby sister
Will never jump a rope?

Perhaps you have forgotten
All that she has been given
In her arms she carried gifts
All the way from heaven.

This little one with tender kisses
That melt a heart of stone~
Those tiny arms around your neck...
Hugs like you’ve never known.

She’s smart and pretty and oh, so fun
So what ~ if she can never run!
Each little thing that comes along
She'll quickly learn just how it's done.

There are a million things to do
And she will do her share...
She’ll figure out a way to dance
While sitting in her chair.

Though her legs don’t work at all
Her arms are very strong
And with this little tiny chair
She'll learn to get along.

When something big is taken
Something great is given~
This little chair’s a Godsend
Not foe ~ but welcomed friend.

When the rest of us get old and frail
And our legs have given way
She’ll get herself another chair
And travel on her way!

For many have not been so blessed
To have a little chair
Through ages past they’ve all been held
And carried everywhere!

A wheelchair's not about confining
It’s time to do some redefining.
A wheelchair is like taking wing
Now she can do everything!

If we could wish upon a star
We wouldn’t change the way you are.
You were sent from up above
And fill each life with light and love.

So there you have it, Hazie Jo
With this chair you’re free to go!
So stay a happy, precious girl……
Now go on out and change the world!
With Love, Gramma
On Your Special Day

The Royal Carriage and Her Little Highness.
for the e-mail subscribers, here the link to a video of her first night with wheels.

While looking through the Grandkid's blog yesterday I ran across this poem I wrote for Hazel back in 2010 when she first got her wheelchair. I had totally forgotten about it. So I tweaked it a little and decided to repost it. She was just two at the time. Since then she has become very proficient in her purple, sparkly wheelchair. She remains, I am happy to report, "a happy, precious girl." Her spina bifida presents many challenges, but the Lord in all His wisdom knew she was up for it.


Mary Ann said...

Beautiful. The children are all so cute.

LA Adams said...

This is beautiful! You are very talented. Hazie looks like a little angel.

Sister Susie said...

Hazie, you did a great job!!

Julie Harward said...

She will touch hearts more than anyone who can walk, that is easy...she will be awesome! :D

Jilly said...

So precious; thank you for sharing! Your family is wonderful and God is so good!