Thursday, October 13, 2011

Grandma's Mustache Discussion!

Pickles Comic Strip

Look what I found carefully clipped out and sitting on my desk this morning! My husband knowing full well this is one of my phobias just couldn't resist. He is such a rascal!

When my mom lived in a convalescent hospital I would see these CNAs (usually men) going around shaving women's faces. Shoot me now! It freaked me out! I have told both of our daughters no matter what happens to me I must never have a beard or mustache. I think I struck the fear of God into them because they have promised to comply! I can take the wrinkles, the body that looks like a melting candle at some point, but not the "lack of estrogen" facial hair display. Nope, not havin' it! For me that just crosses the barrier to the masculine side just a little too much. I just cannot cross over that line! Lord, have mercy on my upper lip and chin! It is really not such a big request in the total scheme of things, right?


Julie Harward said...

I just love Pickles too..and I am always aware of that stray hair or two on my chin too! ;D

laura.elizabeth said...

Mom you are too funny! And Dad too for lovingly clipping that comic for you! What a stinker. Anyway, don't worry Jen and I have your back! Or should I say, upper lip!

Sister Susie said...

In our youth, the things we took for granite! I always wondered why as we got older, men lost their hair and women gained hair they never wanted!