Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Aynslee, It's Your Day!

Happy Birthday Aynslee!

Ayns is NINE years old today! She is growing up so fast and has become quite the young lady this past year. It is amazing to watch our little ones just blossom into these incredible people that are having a positive impact on our world. I love it when you see young people that contribute to making the world a better place to be. Anyslee is one of them and we are so proud of her.

W all had such a fun time together this summer
at our
family reunion and here is Aynslee
with her Great-Grandma Gloria.
Anyslee and her Dad had an overnight camping trip with the other Daddies and Daughters of their ward. Grampa was invited to join them while we were in Utah this summer. Anyslee has a special love for her Grampa and she really enjoying being with both of them. They went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant that Aynslee chose and then they drove to the camp and settled in with the group for the night. They got up very early and hiked in the dark to a hot springs area where they enjoyed a nice warm dip in the springs and all before the rest of the world was awake!
Grampa had fun taking pictures of
Chris and his favorite girl!

Hungry, Christoper?

Enjoying the sunshine on her shoulders!

Anyslee is one of the few of our grandchildren that likes having her picture taken. That is so nice because she is relaxed and the photos clearly show what she really looks like. Chris took this one of her at Sundance. Beautiful isn't she? And even more important and lovely is her sweet heart.

Ayns at school with her friends.

Out in front of their house! Looks like she might
be going to school
with that fancy bag she is toting!

~Blast From The Past ~
Aynslee picking out a pumpkin when she was little!
You've come a long way, Baby!

Aynslee took ice skating lessons last season.

Grampa and I got to watch her skate a few times and she is really very good. She just looks like a natural out there on the ice. In fact, she is having her friends birthday party at the ice rink this week.

We hope your birthday, the party and
your new year is just fantastic, Aynslee!

Well here is a Happy Birthday Cake I found for you, Anyslee, and I cannot believe it has your name on it. Perfect! Enjoy your real birthday treats, presents and special dinner that you got to choose yourself. Mom says it is fried rice, fresh fruit and brownies made by Connor with ice cream! Great choices, Ayns! Wish we could share this special day with you!

All our love and best wishes!
Gramma and Grampa!

XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO and one to grow on XO


LA Adams said...

What a gorgeous girl Anyslee is! Hope her day is really special!

Sister Susie said...

Not only are your children a blessing from the LORD, but also your grandchildren! And, Great- Grandchildren for Great Grandma Gloria!
Love to you all,

Marie said...

Happy Birthday Aynslee!! You have such beautiful grandchildren Bonnie. What a blessing they are to you and Jim! I just know they adore the pair of you as well! Who wouldn't? xxoo