Friday, September 2, 2011

Our Julia!

Julia just a year or so ago. I have loved this school
of her but never used it in a blog post before.
So today I thought I would!

This is another one of my favorite pictures
of her when she was younger.
She has grown up quite a bit since then!

Our sweet little Jewel had her birthday last Sunday. She is now eleven! We actually woke up at her house that morning but she wasn't there. All the family but Jen and Hazel had gone to Lowell's family reunion, where they had a wonderful time with their other grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. Poor little Hazie was sick so Jen had to keep her home.

So we gave Julia her birthday bucks, and left a card and a cute decorated head band on the table piled up with her presents and then Barbara and I headed for home before the family returned. We were sorry to miss seeing all of them and not to have been able to wish Julia a Happy Birthday and give her a big hug and kiss.

These are not our Julia's real presents but I found them on flickr to represent the pile of hers that I forgot to take a photo of that morning. Her pile actually included an old guitar case and her Mom's guitar from when she was a girl. This really delighted Julia. She is a piano player and music lover. Julia had been a music lover since she was little. I can still see her sitting on the bench playing away at her Grandma Mary's baby grand piano when her feet barely came to the edge of the bench.

This is a cute photo of Jewels and Anyslee at our family reunion. I just love these two sweet little cousins and friends. They have so much fun together. It is wonderful they live in the same town, go to the same school and get to see each other often.

Oh, how I love and envy this sisterhood she and her siblings share. This is pure heaven to me as a girl that never had a sister of my own. I know they just take it for granted now but the day will come when they see the tremendous blessings of it. I love to take these fun kind of goofy shots of them together. Mom does too.

I think this is the most recent photo I have taken of Julia. It was while I was up in Utah, one of the four times, cannot remember which time! I love this photo because is shows her cute style and her personality. Julia is a cute, perky, happy, young lady and I love that about her. She always has a smile for you and some service to perform for you to make your life better.

She is a great helper and still gives a wonderful foot massage. She asked me to bring her one of my books on reflexology to study. She is becoming very good at it. She does all this not only to bless you but because she is looking into her future. She has a little entrepreneurial side that is always thinking about how she can create a successful business someday!

Julia is such a loving and kind girl. She is carefree and enthusiastic about so many things. I just know she will succeed in her life no matter what she takes on! I love being her grandmother and sharing her growing up years with her. So does her Grampa. Jewels is one of our bright shining stars, a constant source of joy and we love her so much.

Here she is on her first day of school
with her new pixie cut!
Hope your 6th grade year is lots of fun,
My 'Beautiful Chocolate Eyes' Girl!

I am retro-fitting this cake in here.
It is now September 9 and Julia's party is tonight.
Jen and Amanda made this awesome

five layer raspberry cake for her!


Sister Susie said...

Happy Birthday, Julia! Birthdays are so grand! Everyone gets to enjoy their blessing of birth, not only in this world, but GOD's Kingdom to come!!
Love to you and yours,

LA Adams said...

What a beautiful girl - inside as well as out. It is nice to watch you with your family and the love you all share. I love being reminded how families love each other.

Bonnie said...

Ahhh, the rewards of diligence in loving these kids and doing all these posts! Julia writes:

Dear Gramma,
Thanks so much for that birthday post on the kids blog! I think it's really great! I'm so glad to have a grandma like you!!!
I really like all the things you wrote about me, like I'm stylish, and I'm helpful, and I rub your feet every time you come over!!
I love all the things you write about me! Thanks again!!!!