Saturday, March 28, 2009


How has your Saturday been? Ours has been one of "those days!" We had a plan when we got up this morning but the plan has been foiled...repeatedly. Just mishaps and the know how it just goes south sometimes.

Jim had chapel clean-up this morning which takes a couple of hours. I was planning to go and help but had to do some e-mailing and calling neighbors on our irrigation system regarding possible rationing of the water this year. That took longer than expected with minimal results as no one was home so I left a bunch of messages and still have the task of gathering water usage figures from each person. Arrrgh!

Next I ran down to give the final approval on this gorgeous granite we had chosen and when we saw the actual slabs they brought in for us to approve, they were totally different than the one we had chosen in the showroom and from each other. Of course we understand that since it is a natural product there are variations but this went way beyond a slight variation. Like unrecognizable! So back to square one on that and trying to find another one and hoping the same thing will not reoccur.

Jim was planning on getting to work on the remodel right after the church work and discovered he had forgotten to round-up the another waylay as he did all of that. Poor guy he just has too much to do all the time. I feel for him.

So anyway, what I was thinking is that in life we just have to expect that if we plan, most days go pretty well, but occasionally no matter what we do we hit roadblocks. I think I am finally learning that this is just need to stress out over it. Just tuck and roll. Readjust your expectations and know "this too shall pass."

As we were beginning to stress out we kept running into each other in the kitchen. You know, food...the great anesthesia, right? Try as we would we just couldn't find any junk food to placate ourselves...thank goodness. (Just as a side does eating something fix the problem? It doesn't!)

So I then started thinking about what does fix it for me? I thought about something I really love to do to decompress and I have never heard of anyone else doing thought I'd share it.

I like to go to a nursery and just walk around through the aisles and look at the flowers and plants and just breathe! I like how everything looks just misted with little droplets of water and usually there is a little breeze and chirping birds and it does refresh me. I also enjoy listening to the ornamental water pieces where they often have running water. It is a great fix when a day out in nature is unrealistic. Does anyone else find this to be fun and relaxing? Just curious! I have seen hundreds of decompression tips but never that one. Have you?

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CA Poppy said...

Ah yes Orchard Lafayette does it for me.Here in Ft Mac DunVegan is our nursery~It has an attached greenhouse filled with my favorites and a little bunny that plays under the planting tables, he's such a treat to pet.I always feel better after a trip to the nursery.

The Hopkins said...

A great idea - we were supposed to plant tomatoes and zucchini - we should have been at the nursery... I get a little stressed in those aisles because I just can't decide what to buy...Perhaps I need to breathe. My favorite Spring stress release is putting my face in a lilac bush - in a moment I'm a little girl in my grandmas backyard - I've already done it 3 or 4 times.

Connie said...

I'd love to try the nursery decompression--I haven't been to one for years, and I have to agree with Lanette. It was FAR from relaxing because I immediately went into 'overwhelm' overdrive. :) I'm a known plant murderer, so I have to waste my money wisely. I'd love to try it, though, so if you ever need a partner, I'm your girl! :)

My mother in law has a huge lilac bush in her back yard, Lanette, so if you ever need a good sniffing spot, I've got you covered. :)

Laura said...

Great idea. I will have to do that. We have been trying to finish the tile project. Looks like we are almost there....I am hoping so so that I can decompress in my bath tub soon.

Deanna said...

I'm with Connie, I'm a serial plant killer. I just murdered my orchid. Well, Jesse our maintenance man doesn't think so because I gave it to him and he thinks he can revive it. That man has green hands!

I have a granite story;
When my aunt and uncle were fixing up their kitchen two years ago, my aunt chose a lovely granite slab that had such a wonderful pattern and color...colors to it, that to this day I still think about it. I mean that granite was remarkable! Anyway, a week later when it arrived at their house, I heard my aunt and uncle shriek and Marshall and I ran to the front yard to see what had happened and we took a gander at that slab they were bringing in and we shrieked as well. Wrong color, wrong pattern and the wrong cut. It was a diaster and my dear sweet aunt started crying. They had sold the slab she ordered to someone else and it had already been cut. She was refunded but she and my uncle drove to Houston and found one similar to what we had seen at the Granite shop.

About you taking a stroll through the nursery...I do the same at Wal-Mart. It smells so good out there and I love to sit at the patio furniture displays and people watch. Jorgecito, the nursery man is such a dear. He knows everthing about plants and tells me I should try a cactus. I have told him that my first victim was a cactus and that if I can kill a cactus, then flowers don't stand a chance!

Deanna :D