Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Faye's Vintage Cottage

This is a cottage with million dollar views from every window. This view is out the kitchen window. The house in on a large piece of wooded property with a creek running through the backyard. It is a paradise for sure.

It is such a blessing to love the work you do. This little cottage is the epitome of why I love decorating living spaces so much. The cottage was actually built by my husband's grandfather over half century ago. For years his uncle owned the house next to the cottage and we would visit often.

When it was time for Uncle Bob to sell, a sweet young family bought it. They happened to be members of our church and so over the years, Jim and I have gotten to know them very well and love them a lot. The cottage has served many purposes over time, but now it is at it's best~a guest house and hideaway for Faye when no one is visiting. Last week she and I shopped and worked on the house to make it oh, so welcoming and fun. She did a post on the renovation and you can see it here. Double click on Faye's photos to see the details.

Somehow we both missed getting photos of the dining area in the kitchen. There is a round table with a white and navy tablecloth and a pretty blue and white floral centerpiece and four black chairs. They sit right in front of a bank of window with a patio view. Here are a few photos of rooms Faye has already shown you from different angles. Her color scheme of navy and lime is outstanding!

She has concealed her treadmill with a
lovely screen just to the right of the couch.

I love the little niche here in the bedroom!
This is where we put her pictures of her grandkids.
And someone was brilliant to put an electrical plug in the niche.

This vantage point with a few more details added in.

Close up of the dresser top. Double click for details.
The antique comb in the foreground and the sparkly purse
were a few of our finds.
The cobalt blue accessories are perfect in here.

This is a very restful room. The 2 million dollar house we decorated for sale last summer does not even come close to comparing to the coziness and charm of this little cottage. Thank you, Faye, for a wonderfully memorable experience and fun day together! Faye's husband, John, came home right as we were finishing and accused us of totally girlifying the cottage and turning it into a chick pad. Yup, we did it all right! Guilty as charged!

As we were finishing up I couldn't help wishing Jim's Grampa could see it today. The cottage has come full circle! Faye is a very lucky lady and I have to admit I felt a little green with envy for such a little hideaway of her very own ~and right next door to her big house. What would you do with a great space like this one?


Laura said...

How picturesque! Love it. What beautiful views.

CA Poppy said...

Please share the details on where you found the accessories and their story.The fridgescape was very cool and I loved the glassware in the kitchen shelves.You are excellent at the details.Thanks for the vicarious thrill of decorating!love,Michelle.

Bonnie said...

Hi Michelle,

A lot of the accessories came from a consignment shop that is only open once a month for three days. It is called Room With A Past and is held in a warehouse in Walnut Creek. I was telling Faye it is either hit or miss and the day we went it was a HIT. She got so many awesome things. We also raided my warehouse assortment of staging items and found a few choice things and we did go to Home Goods and the rest she had. She has great taste and wonderful things so it made it very fun and easy!