Friday, March 27, 2009

Our Son is 34!

Eat Cake, Baby!

Happy Birthday, Chris! Oh, how we do wish we could share this day with you. Maybe next year and all the years to follow! You have had a wonderful year.

You got your National Science Foundation Grant which doesn't happen to many professors, especially in their first few years. You got to take your graduate class to Europe for three weeks with Missy, you did some major remodeling in your beautiful home. You also passed your tenure boards at BYU with flying colors and made your entire family very proud of you and all your efforts and accomplishments. You traveled a lot for work and got to go to Washington DC for your first time! You have had a chance to see a lot of the world through your mission, ATL and now BYU. Awesome!

Most importantly you have been a great son, husband and father and brother, uncle and friend to many. We all love you and wish you a very happy and prosperous new year. Stay close to our Father in Heaven in all you do and it will be another wonderful year for you! We love you, son!

I have added some photos from this year at the end of the slide show of some of your life highlights! Enjoy!


Deanna said...

I loved the slideshow! I laughed and then got sentimental as I thought about you and your baby boy. The years went by quickly didn't they?

Happy Birthday Chris!

Deanna :D

Bonnie said...

They sure did, Deanna! He is a wonderful son. I can honestly tell you he has never given us one bit of trouble or grief. He's always been the best boy. I always tell him we only have one son because no one else could come close to the boy he's been to us! Truth be known I'd have taken six like him if God had sent them our way!!

Marie said...

Oh Bonnie, I did so much enjoy this lovely slide show of your precious Chris! It was fun seeing him grow up before my very eyes! How proud you must be of this fine man he is. Happy Birthday Chris! He is the same age as my oldest son!

Bonnie said...

Thanks to all those of you who took the time to look at the slide show and don't even know Chris. You are true friends! I know it is long but that is just me. Never been too short winded in the motherhood department. Love to all!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Happy Birthday to your son.. You're such a lucky mom to have a resposible son like him..