Friday, March 20, 2009

A Favorite Painting~

After Dark by Pino

I decided to participate in Julia's Hooked on Houses event hosted each Friday here. This blog is fantastic and I love Julia's post today!

Several years ago I was on the local real estate tour of homes and came across a home that had this beautiful painting in it. It must have been at least a 36 x 48 inch giclee on canvas and it was amazingly beautiful. I have been hooked on Pino's art ever since.

There is something so feminine and gorgeous about this painting and it reminds me of our sweet daughters, an elegant dining experience and an abundant life, not in the monetary sense but just in life itself.

I keep this picture in our antique kitchen cabinet and really need to find a new place for it somewhere in our house as we are changing the color scheme and style of our kitchen and it just won't work in this room too much longer. It will be a challenge but never fear~I will figure it out because I love this painting! What artists do you enjoy? I love the impressionists and I would love to be tagging around with our daughter, Laura and her husband, Robert this weekend in Paris! Hopefully they will get to Musee d'Orsay in their adventures.

How do you incorporate things that don't quite go with your decor but that you just love and want to keep near to you, your heart and soul? Being eclectic in style is a good thing~it allows for a more interesting look and it truly lets your personality shine forth ~ but it can be tricky. What works for you?


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Oh, I agree, that painting is really lovely. I'm looking for something to hang in my dining room right now but am waiting for something to really grab me.

Thanks for joining my blog party today! Have a great weekend, Bonnie! :-)

Maya said...

The painting has a very serene feel to it, very nice. Good question..., I have a few pieces, well not art, but a lovely bronze fish mirror that just doesn't seem to fit in anywhere in the house..., no solution in sight!

modernemama said...

I think you'll find a solution, it's such a gorgeous picture it should work in any interior

Deanna said...

Yes, this is Pino I thought you were talking about. I know that Pino does or did the covers for Elizabeth Kary's books (one of my guilty pleasure authors)Love, Honor and Betray (my favorite), Let No Man Divide and From This Day Onward. The covers for these books are so beautiful and the women voluptous and lush. I'll have to send you pics or I think they might have pics of them on Amazon.

When I see paintings in people's homes, I find myself asking;
What is in this painting that speaks to the owner? I always want to know. My aunt Alice and uncle Bob have some lovely paintings in their home and she will tell you about them and what they meant to her.

I'm the same way but I've never bought a piece of art for myself from a gallery. Every single painting I have are from thrift stores. I adore my paintings and when I first laid eyes on them, I was transported into the painting itself. I found that I couldn't leave them could I when they were all less than two dollars! LOL! I'll have to do a post on them one of these days.

Love and hugs,
Deanna :D