Saturday, March 14, 2009

Reasons I Love My Husband ~ #935

While Jim was doing the above I was able to go to our business storage units and finish my project of getting everything put away and all the baskets empty so we can go and pick up the staging items from a house that just sold. It always feel so good to have it all organized again before another load of stuff comes back. When my work was done I got to see this....

Flowers Outside the Country Club

I got to go over to a bridal show at the Oakhurst Country Club where my good friend, Sydne, was showcasing some of her wedding flowers. Sydne is a rare talent in floral design. I love her work it is so beautiful and her wreaths and dried floral arrangements totally light up my life. I am sad she moved away but just lives near Sacramento so we can get together occasionally. Today was one of those days! I loved seeing you and Hilary, Sydne!

Double click to enlarge for Sydne's
Contact Information

The Bridal Faire was lovely and here are a few of the fun things I saw besides Sydne's beautiful floral masterpieces. (I have always loved buying floral arrangements from Sydne because she makes fabulous things but also because when you make out your check it is to S. Miles and that spells smiles! And that is what she is all about!)

Would you like a ride in a horse drawn
Cinderella Carriage with Prince Charming
on your wedding day?

Or do you prefer a vintage cruise?

Leaving the Bridal Faire, even the trees have white blossoms!

It was such a beautiful day so I took a few photos
to and from the Country Club.
Here a few of them.

The Foothills

I pass this field just about every time I leave the house
and today I had my camera so I stopped and shot a few photos.

One of my favorite photo vistas and
right near Oakhurst so I had to pop over!

I love this little rickety old farm!
It looks so peaceful in this sea of green!

The gully nearby.

So who wouldn't love a guy that would let his wife go and do all this fun stuff while he was painting louver doors, in a weird gas mask, I ask you? It is a no brainer! It was a great day!


Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Oh Bonnie, You're so lucky first for having JIM in your life and letting you roam around this beautiful nearby places while he's back there..!
And you're such lucky to have lived in an area where beauty is just around the corner.. Thanks for sharing this lovely photos. It's like sending us lovely post cards from your place..

Deanna said...

Jim is wonderful....what a blessing you have there Bon.

AMAZING photos and I'm astounded that you were actually there in person to view God's little gifts.

I mean it...the photos are amazing.


Neabear said...

Oooohhh You got some gorgeous photos of our pretty areas too. The mustard flowers I notice are starting to fade. Took some more pretty pictures today. It was so pretty after yesterday's rain. But the wind was sure cold. Love your pictures. Where is the rickety farm? It looks familiar to me, but can't decided if I have seen it before.