Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Miss Piper!

Happy Birthday Piper! Wish we were there to party with you!

Piper is entering the double digit age today, turning ten years old! It does not seem possible that Jim and I have been grandparents that long and yet, I cannot remember life without her.

Piper is such a beautiful young lady. She is so sweet and funny and smart, smart, smart. She has amazing talents in her academics and her art. She is such a wonderful daughter and granddaughter and a great big sister to Julia, Chloe and Hazel.

Just recently she has been enjoying the Jonas Brothers movie and working on a genealogy project about her great great grandmother, Marguerite Ferrera. She did an excellent job on her science project and got to present it to all the fourth grade classes. Here she is in deep concentration over it all.

Piper is beautiful, tall and graceful but not feeling so
tall in this photo I am sure. Fun animals!

She shares a birthday with Jim's Dad, Grampa Fred who passed away in 1990. I am sure they would have been very close, they have many wonderful qualities in common. Piper hopes to get back to Scotland where she was born someday. Born in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, she is a genuine Scottish Princess!

To show you how grown up she is, her mom told me she decided to forgo a big friends party for some extra spending money on a trip to the mall with mom on Saturday. I wish I could join you guys for that trip! Love shopping with my girls! Have some Cake, Piper and a wonderful celebration! Check out what her mom says about her here.

We love you and wish you a fantastic birthday today!


Gramma and Grampa XOXO


Deanna said...

Happy Birthday to Piper (I love her name)

How wonderful that you got that Happy Birthday video for her.

Deanna :D

Deanna said...

Oh, I forgot!


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Good Luck!
Deanna :D

mandy* said...

I love that you put Nick Jonas singing happy birthday! You are a very hip grandma!!!!

Neabear said...

Happy Belated Birtday to Piper!! I remember turning 10. I went to see Sound of Music at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland with my family for my birthday that year. Going there was a big deal then!