Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cheese Balls~Party Hit For Sure!

There is just no good name for a cheese ball. If you can think of one for this recipe~let me know. It is made with Blue Cheese and Blue Cheese Cheese Ball doesn't cut it, in the best of all worlds. Instead of 'name that tune' we can play 'name that cheese ball!' Wanna play?

I have concocted this recipe over the years and we do make it a lot for various gatherings over the holidays. Even people that are not crazy about blue cheese love this. We were looking for a cheese ball that was colorful and Christmasy and delicious. You know how they are normally boring looking with no color and just rolled in nuts? Not this one, it just screams Christmas!

We think we have a winner here. Some people even invite us to their gatherings on the condition we bring this! It takes a little time (especially if you are photographing it) but is easy and I like that part. I am not into a bunch of labor intensive cooking. What I do love is cooking with my hubby, he is a natural in the kitchen. Lucky me! He says food talks to him...OK, so he is a little wacko!

Tomorrow is our big family dinner for our relatives that live in our area, so Jim and I are cooking up a storm. Speaking of wacko, it's Official~ I am totally wacko about blogging! I have discovered it is fun to cook, photograph and to stage the food. It is 10 times more fun that just cooking! Multi-tasking lives on!

Hmmm, people do not always sell their houses but...everybody eats. Maybe I can dabble in a new facet of design for me to supplement the mad money. Actually I am pretty much kidding because these photos need much improvement but we had a lot of fun cooking and shooting the process. 

Chop up some green onions

Chop up some Craisins or dried cranberries
if you prefer calling them that

Chop up some Walnuts

This is enough for four cheese balls.
Four bricks of softened cream cheese,
a bunch
of blue cheese,
(I am not into exact measurements, sorry!)
Craisins, green onions, nuts
and some garlic salt~
because everything
that isn't sweet need garlic!
I put it in a big mixing bowl and start mixing it together.
Every time I start with a big spoon but soon
find it works
best to mix it all by hand and shape into balls. Thus the name...cheese balls. Brilliant!

Here are the 4 cheese balls I varied the sizes for different purposes;
parties, gifts, or whatever

I put my wedding rings on the cutting board
to remind you to remove them
as it is no fun getting the cheese
out of the rings
if you forget

Stab it with a cute Christmas Spreader~Fini~

Here I staged the food for you..
I had to put all these crackers back in the box afterword!
A little Pomegranate Sparkling Cider is nice with it!
Try It, You'll Like It!


Marie said...

What delicious looking cheese balls Bonnie!! I was thinking of making a cheese ball just the other day! xxoo

Deanna said...

Sweetheart, my mouth is watering!! Since tomorrow is my day off, I am going to try this recipe!

Deanna :D

Caroline Craven said...

This recipe looks so yummy. Kent isn't a fan of blue cheese or cranberries, but I think I'll make it anyway for the rest of us. I am so seriously trying to cut back on the sugar this year and this might be the fill in. In looking down through your other post, I love Syndie's work. I think I took a floral class at her home once with Faye (for all the good it did me). She has kind of an unusual style and I love it. Beautiful treasures.

laura.elizabeth said...

Yumm! I love that recipe but I totally agree it needs a new name. I love taking pictures of food too. I ALWAYS stage my meals- not surprising is it? Too funny!

Love you!

LA Adams said...

Too yummy!

Julie Harward said...

This sounds super good...thanks so much for sharing it! :D

Unknown said...

Yummy, thanks for sharing. How cute the wedding ring reminder is! This ball was a hit with Dave and I also. Luv u, Lee