Thursday, December 9, 2010

Easy Peasy Treats!

If you want to make a quick and yummy treat for your family or friends here is one that couldn't be any easier. This is such an easy recipe in fact, even kids can make it and I am planning to post it for the grandkids on my Gramma And You Blog today also. {If you try to think of creative ways to keep in touch with your grandkids try making a blog for them. They seem to enjoy it and it makes you feel like you are making an effort that goes beyond phoning. They can also enjoy keeping up with what their cousins are doing on a blog like this. As a Gramma I really think that is important.}

48 Rolo Candies (Unwrapped)
48 Little round Pretzels
48 Pecan halves

  • No need to grease the cookie sheet – just lay the pretzel rings out on it, and place a Rolo candy on top of each ring.
  • Bake at 350 degrees for 3 minutes (no more or you will have a melted mess!)
  • Remove pan from oven and immediately place a whole pecan on each Rolo and gently push it down just a bit.
  • Allow the candies to cool on the cookie sheet, letting the chocolate harden back up again before removing them to a storage container.
That is it. I think we are going to make these for our home and visiting teaching families for church and maybe a few close neighbors just for fun. This is definitely my kind of treat recipe! You can hardly call it cooking or baking it is really a craft, just rearranging some good ingredients by hot gluing them together! The hardest part is pealing the foil off the Rolos AND not eating too many!


Julie Harward said...

These are so yummy! I made them last year with my grand kids, they could not be easier! It's hard to eat just one good! ;D

Sara said...

I LOVE making and giving these away! I call them twisted turtles! They are so easy and when taken somewhere I always come home with an empty plate.

Bonnie said...

Our daughter, jen just got a new 6 qt mixer and I asked her on Facebook if she has used it yet...

This was her reply..

"Jen wrote:
"I haven't yet but I did make 100 of those turtle pretzel things and i wanna tell you: I'm a believer! Semi-homemade is the ticket! They are yummy, easy and they look great. It's a keeper!"

mandy* said...

What?!? That is my kind of cooking!

Caroline Craven said...

48? Not 50? Does it have to be exactly 48? LOL! Too easy and too cute. We could do those. Thanks for the "recipe".