Monday, December 20, 2010

Silver and White~Mercury Glass and Light

For some reason I have been putting off doing this post on the bathroom. I think it is because I feel like I am just a little too excited about this new bathroom we have. I awakened early with thoughts of this post on my mind and we are leaving for the airport in less then 2 hours. The thought occurred to me that one reason this bathroom still feels new after a year is that it is the fulfillment of a 30 year dream. It represents so much more to me than what it really is.

It symbolizes that dreams really can come true. First you have to have a vision, then you have to have patience, find a way to make it happen, pay the price and work hard. To me it represents how you can get something you really want by putting your shoulder to the wheel, it goes so far beyond just wishing. There is a pattern involved in it that makes me know nothing is beyond our reach if we follow it. I also love that the design and the end product was a 100 percent collaborative effort between Jim and me. I am not leaving our contractor, Steve, out in this in any way, he did a brilliant job.

I am just saying that in the bigger picture, the dream of it, finding the way and the means was something that happened between us within the confines of our marriage. The meeting of the minds that we had with this project was a defining moment in time for us. It resurrected some kind of a newness and hope for the future that I feel when I look at the end results. To some this may seem funny, but if you have experienced it with your spouse you know what I mean. The energy of it has affected everything else about us as a couple building a life together. No matter how old you get or how familiar, you have to keep building and stretching to keep the love alive and deepening it, in the way it is meant to be done. Somehow in this project more than the bathroom was renovated, redesigned and improved. So anyway, these are the thoughts that robbed me of an extra hour of sleep today!

I was excited to have new room to decorate for Christmas. I decided to just use White and silver and tiny touch of red. By removing the Tuscan colors that are normally in here it was very easy to get a completely new look.

Where the sunflowers use to sit
I added this whimsical, sparkly tree.

I have had these guys for several years
and I love them in here!

This Moonlight and Roses Santa is new this year.
and is so pretty in this room.
is one of my favorite sites.
I love their things.

My funny angel and the white towels
with a simple ornament is fun!

Chrsitmasy things in the tub tray.

I am in love with the mercury glass
vintage look and

I loved the way the windows sills
have glistened all month.

A nativity I have had for a long time
now has a wonderful place to be.

A little present in silver with a candle inside.

Love, love love, this reindeer and the candle holders.

I enjoy these whimsical kinds of
things especially at Christmas.

Love the corner window, in fact all of the windows.
The light in here changes everything!

A fun, little, vintage wall hanging I found this month!

Merry Christmas!


Caroline Craven said...

Your white and silver is stunning. I did a white and silver tree a few years ago. It was prettiest at night.I loved looking through your older posts and seeing your family parties. I agree totally that the "in-law" stuff has got to go. It is useful only to desginate how one comes onto the family, but almost sounds like they are second rate relatives!

margaret said...

Your house is so beautiful. Every photograph you post is breath-taking.

Deanna said...

That is one striking powder room!! Ooh la la Miss! Marshall loves the tub (I knew he would!)

The sign is from Laura isn't it? I thought I remembered her giving it to you. I love it very much!

Love you,
Deanna :d

Mandy said...

That looks AMAZING! I want to see it when I visit next month!

Storm Of Angels said...

These look amazing! :) wow!

Laura said...

To Deanna: Actually, I got the beautiful Santa from Bonnie....and to Bonnie, what an amazing bathroom. SO beautiful. So crisp, and enchanting.....I could sit in a bubble bath all day in there.