Friday, December 10, 2010

Hazie Is Not Too Jolly Right Now!

It is nearly 11:30 am in Utah right now and Jen has got Hazel at the doctor. She has been having such a difficult several weeks and now they think she might have viral pneumonia. She has been having asthma attacks and vomiting and they are just tying to sort it all out right now. We are hoping it is just asthma and not pneumonia.

I had just written to several of you saying she was better. It has been a roller coaster ride for sure. She did go back to preschool yesterday for the first time. Now back to needing a diagnosis again. We are praying over here and going to the temple tonight. I am thankful to be able to go to such a wonderful, peaceful place to regain some perspective. I will be doing my share of praying over here, as is Grampa.

The above photo is from the summer and a happier time. She looks like she is enjoying the glow stick flower very much. And check out those fancy shoes!

PS. 12:05 pm...They have just decided it is not pneumonia. Thank Heavens!! Going home with a bunch of new meds and instructions. Poor Jen! She has got to be emotionally and physically exhausted.


Sister Susie said...

I have been praying for Hazie each day! I have her written in my prayer journal daily, you and her mom, dad and family as well.
In loving prayer,

LA Adams said...

Hazie is probably put here on earth to bring people together. Her family, their friends, distant friends, everyone who loves you gets to know and love her too. I'll certainly add her to our prayers and some for her mom too.

laura.elizabeth said...

Thanks for the up date mom. We are still praying for her- what more can I do? Isn't it hard to be so far away when someone you love is in need? AHHH, it makes me crazy. Anyway, let me know what we can do to help!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bon,
Check your comments about Laura's post, left one there too!!

So sorry to hear Hazie is not doing well again, so glad it isn't pneumonia, but do they know what it is?? Sure hope she is doing better by today hon. I am not surprised you are having a bit of a problem having joy with this going on. It affects the whole family and no one can watch a lil one like this suffer and be joyful!!
I am guessing Jim is back by now,
hope so cause you can probably use a lil cheering and support yourself by now. I think it is very hard to watch people you love so much go thru hard things, it was sure hard watching Scott when he went thru his heartbreak, but now look!!
We have been praying for Hazie daily and will keep it up till she is up and at em again!!
I am praying for you guys and for Jen and Lowell........I am sure they must be exhausted, don't know how they can't be. Course, you know one thing I have learned is that person's going thru the situation get a special grace from God, but the rest don't, so that is how God carries them!! We get our grace and peace thru praying!!
Love ya hon, Nellie

rwmjs said...

Bonnie--Thanks for your notes & updates on Hazel. I know the diagnosis changes almost daily. We are all praying for that Sweetheart--I love the picture in her white dreww & ribbons, enjoying the Christmas Tree. Love MJ